Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thankful for our happy place !!

The day of 11-11-11 was a day according to what some people said a triple portal . I have lots of things going on the day, I didn't do any re-search. But I know one thing , it was a day to unfold so many things in these planet,

I got to see some things going on the right direction.
when we were kids my Dad put all of us on his boat, and some times the water was too shallow so he will have push the boat! The filling of being move from a bank of sand and being push to water, was a release form, and we all kids will CLAP! YAEEE!!; and my dad the hero will take us to swim and him will go fishing!!!
So I got the feeling all day on 11-11 was a moving day !! in a spiritual form! I cant explain those little moments! Voices the I could hear! some thing come fast! Answers!! Changing every thing! On these universe!
On days that I have lots of things going on , I like to take so time in my backyard and ask for Goddess help! I'm a Taurus so I like to touch the earth on my rituals,burn some sage or incense , depends on what it is, I sit I talk with my goddesses and ask for :blessings, peace, and what ever issue I have on my mind! .
And sometimes is just a thankful moment, to sit there and say thank you!! Being thankful most be a daily practice! From being thankful we can be in a happy place, the waves in our brain! Send happy signals that once we start our day saying "thank you" will make it a better one!!
Unfolding is a proses, it comes a lots of tiny changes, with a lot of prayers and a box of tissues for all the tears that goes in there!! But once the veil is remove, the Goddess show the way! The answer to our prayer, the rents get paid, the college gets paid, the sick gets better, our heart gets happy notes!! Is like getting out of the place that was holding us there, the sand holding our boat , and thank goddess my dad so strong is doing so good.!!! He is making another boat as we speak !! One for me brother! He said it may be his last, but I don't think so! Making boats is his art!! So he will always find his water to float again! I'm So happy !so thankful, for him , and all my other mundane things going on! The art of saying thanks is a beautiful art! And thanks to all of you out there for keep reading my post!! Blessings and thanks to you!

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  1. This is such an inspirational post, Andrea! When you feel those precious moments, it is wonderful that you take hold of them without question. We all make our universes within our lives and I do so agree that giving thanks is what we should all be doing, for we have so much to be thankful for in just the beauty of being alive. Hugs, my friend.