Sunday, December 25, 2011

walking on the clouds

So after all the papers went to the recycle! Kids playing with their new games, I hit the road! I like to do my so call; Spiritual walks. Is in there that I see all the abundance in our world. The colors of nature, the air so clean so perfect day, warm and sunny!! a California day.
I put on my tennis shoes, and a t-shirt from Salem that say' " Got Magic" and a pentacle on it,got a few cute looks from other runners, some give me a thumbs up! So I guess Yes!!! Their was magic all over the canyon .
These is my favorite place to get away! to re-fresh my mind! And to feel the spirits around me. If I need an answer , an idea, or just a reflex ion moment! these is my temple! I know where I'm. the Goddess is here all around me.So take a walk with me, see her in every corner! These is Caron's creek!! I do lots of ritual here!! Please sit and relax! meditate at the water....

There is a Faerie forest as well... they are taking a noon nap right now... these is the gate to their kingdom...

I got to walk all the way on top of the big rock, their you can see every faerie land and Gnomes too...So I stay there to listen to the sound of nature!!!....

It was a beautiful walk, connected in a way with all things, thankful about every lesson learned these year, hard or soft, sweet or bitter. at the end is all for my own good to reach another goal! To get to the next level. Then I found a broken heart made of rocks, And I put the rocks to finish it... here it is.... my heart in peace ..Blessed be...


  1. This is such a beautiful post! Thank you! I love the pictures and the broken heart is so touching! I know for myself, when I am gardening or when I take a walk in the snow, I feel the same way, in your walks! I have to get a t-shirt like you! Very magical! Blessings ;o)

  2. Andrea, what a beautiful post. I love the pictures of your lovely Caron's Creek. The goddess surely smiles on you with fondness and love.

    Your shirt sounds amazing and how fun to get some thumbs up! ;-) I am going to the woods and making my own heart of rocks, or acorns or whatever Nature has chosen for me. Hugs to you!

  3. Hi from a fellow witch her in the wilds of yorkshire in the uk. The pictures of your walk are stunning, nature is truly magical.
    Blessings to you and yours.

  4. having nature close to me is important! The earth sign in me works better magic with dirt! Good dirt . That is when I'm the happiest! Thanks for all your comments ! Blessed be.