Saturday, December 17, 2011

witches brew for Yule !!

An offering , a gift in a bottle!
After a warm bath!
To heal the sad!
To bring happiness and laugh!! May the Yule night be a happy and bright!!!

3 cups-apple cider

1cup-cranberry juice

1 stick cinnamon

1-tablespoon honey

11 tsp-whole cloves

Put all your ingredients in a Cauldron, heat well, cast the spell!!! but do not let it boil!!!!
Strain the brew !!!! And serve on Yule!!!! Blessings to all....


  1. Thank you for the Yule brew recipe. Sounds delish.

    Yule Blessings, V.

  2. I agree with Vivienne, this Yule brew sounds delish! Thank you! Yule Blessings, Stacy

  3. Oh Andrea, I will definitely be trying this!