Monday, December 5, 2011

Princess Petunia!!

We make plans and them !! All goes in another direction! That is my story. I have being busy, busy working every day! But I love trouble!!! Specially if is cute and barks!!! Meet my new little baby; Petunia !! She is a 7 weeks old Boston Terrier! I got it last Saturday at a dinner! She was the grand auction!!! And she come home with me, so is so cute. Husband and proud Daddy was just saying " are you sure you want another dog? he was out voted! I got my little princess and we left the party in no time, no coffee no dancing! My kids though I was just joking when I call and said " Im on my way with a new puppy.For real? they all said.Well Surprise!!!
And my nights are half sleep and half taking her out to pee!! Dear Dear that is crazy me !! And now 3 dogs running these house.