Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Cookies !

Days are short, times goes fast! I have to use my time when I get it!

My boys are growing up so fast,so I'm doing different things with them, cooking dinner together baking cookies for these days! We eat more then we give away! But is fun, they argue at the kitchen , just the way typical bros will do.
We had a fun time last night. For dinner we grill chicken, and Alex the oldest of my boys did the seasoning ! He is a natural chef. grilling is his thing! So now we are all into the grill every thing.

The cookies were a yummy treat !! Santa"s little elf's are the best!! The biggest cookies went to the altar ! to give thanks to our Goddess for all her blessings.
I know she loves those cookies too!! And wine!


  1. Yummy cookies ;o) I bet they will all be enjoyed ;o) Blessings ;o)

  2. How wonderful to have a promising chef in the family! Your cookies look just scrumptious! Happy Yule to you, sweetie.