Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Full Moon.

Is a full moon!! Is the moon of new beginnings,the closest to our long waiting "spring" . Time to write a spell , a new goal in our life!!And to be thankful for all the wonderful things our Goddess has giving us on these days.
Today is misty and I do love these weather, is so nice to stay home and burn some candles or incense and simple let go of all things!!I clean hard on Monday so I can rest on Tuesdays. And reed or sit at my sewing machine. Im working on a project for my next give away!! It will be MAGIKAL of course ! I will make with moon powers, so keep visiting me . It will be ready soon . In the time we have , enjoy these fabulous full moon! Blessed be little witches !!


  1. I know what you mean - tomorrow I have to clean hard because I did not today. Too many Crafty things to do! Can't wait for your giveaway!!!

  2. The FULL MOON pulls us in.

    It's truly magical.


  3. Moon powers? Sounds interesting.