Monday, March 14, 2011

Rose quartz !

One day I went to get some simple river rocks at a brick and rock store, I was told " My Lady get a wagon and put all the rocks there and them come back , we sell every thing by weight" . It was raining the night before so it was hard to pull the wagon around on a dirt aisle, different kind of store, ha!. Ok so I collect river rocks , I was going to paint them and use them around my garden, I look so many rocks around there , too bad I was not building an out door fire place it was lots to choose from . But them I eye a huge box full of glass! So I went to get some , them I got my eye on huge chunks of rose quartz!! I m on heaven !!! So i fill my little wagon that I couldn't pull it, so go get " Help", Well things to remember, rocks are heavy and sold by weigh! , so one can be any where from 7 pounds or more so there is the catch $$$. I got as much I could put in my car, happy to put all those new jewels around my house!The glass is aqua blue! looks like a Blue aquamarine , my faeries just love them! My Rose quartz are at my Goddess feet and she just love them too! So here are some things I know about rose quartz.

Rose Quartz are the stone of unconditional love and infinite peace.Its the most important crystal for the heart and heart chakra. The rock purifies and opens the heart at all levels and brings deep inner healing and self love. it is a good calming stone!! and of course will attract love, so I guess we can call it " Romancing the stone"... These rock will bring romance to our life , but if you already like me got a super hero in your life , Love is always good to have around! Good to give and good to send back and to keep some our self love high!.

My rose quartz at the garden are rough , they have not cuts of any kind , they are just broken in huge chunks! So like a diamond on the rough it has more powers , is all on the inside! I keep those outside most of the time, but on days I like to bring them inside and let all of us at home feel their love ! .
I friend of mine did a water fall and like a river run all with rose quartz ! he did it as a healing medium, so nice so peaceful, we can get so creative with mother earth gives! And they are our healers too ,sounds perfect to me!

Today the weather is calling me outside to clean up all the over grown garden ! looks good all wild but I need to make a path to walk again in and out of the garden! So today I will be with Goddesses and rocks ! In a garden of love!


  1. Great find! Rose Quartz has such a soothing energy and is one of my favorites. I have a chunk similar yours that I like to hold when I meditate. I also anoint my chunk with rose essential oil. It seems to raise its vibration.

    ~Kim at Fairy Bell Cottage

  2. Hi there :) wanted to pop over to say thanks for your lovely comments over at mine..... im very pleased to meet you and i just love rose quartz that was a wonderful find x x