Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sunny with chances of Magic !

Dear Goddess ! let me tell you I love these warm days we are having! .And that is so good, I m having fun under the San Diego Sun!. I have being waiting for warm weather! The weeds are winning on me! so over grown with these rains, Love that rain , my plants are huge , extra vitamin witch powers , make then grow like crazy, My Daughter Ashley( Little Goddess on training weals) She said yesterday , when she found me at the garden, " Mom I feel like we live at the Forrest" , so cute, no I wish, we leave in suburbia, just like so many "schools" are great here!, so an tame at these land, other wise I will be with willows , witches, meadows, mystical places!, well I go there every night in my dreams!.

Yesterday I did lots of clean up in the little front garden, so many memories are thee, Collection of plants from different friends, gift plants are always plant here. I'm sore at my arm from all the cutting, like a mad woman , I just cut and cut overgrown plants, the roses where happy to see some others being out of their space! " There you go Miss Geranium leave us Alone!!! Yeap I could hear those girls taking one to other, " You hear me miss lovelia ! get out of here! No room for so many girls at my garden !.
There is a lot of thinks happening there, I got some complaints about " Miss geranium Pink petal" was using others for her social looks , I have to talk to her " Listen little Missy! We don;t like social climbers here" I told her, she said she was going no where ,she want to keep going and take over all the roses and others !! OK I said them here is my final offer to you!, She has to go, out , out she goes! , Sad but true.

So much live is out there, birds are singing , pets are being walk out more! so nice these sunny days, no they won't last, but I will do my best to use it!. So got some good bunches of herbs that I need to dry , others I will bundle them in my sage! the sage is in his full bloom, every time I walk by , Mr Sage rubs all over me or "romeo" my garden assistant! And by the end of the days we smell so sagee! , Is good to feel the moist earth. Bear feet walking connecting to our Mother earth deep , deep inside!! Moving my Girls around , Goddesses , and faeries is fun to be a kid inside! Let my imagination go and listen all those secrets they are not telling me!

So my bloggers I have a question ! how can I download pictures in between my post? I still learning these web things ,so please send me your help in my goddess email!! Thanks for all you help, and another help please, please tell your friends about my give away ! is these month and take my photo link,I will appreciate all you help.
i still have work to do at the garden ! lots, but I m enjoining these day so i will get there when the sun gets Down! .Until we meet again.

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  1. You have a wonderful growing season in Southern lucky goddess, you!

    Your garden sounds magical! I'm stuck in an apartment with a balcony that faces southwest and bakes in the summer. :(

    As to posting between pictures. It will be tedious going back and forth with blogger comments on this, so privately email me and I will be willing to walk you through it and help you out.