Monday, March 21, 2011


Today we have a nice rain , sometimes I just love those days !! If Im at work i will tell the Goddess that I would like rain on my days off. Why?, is just simple to stay home and do my fun work!. So today I declare my day of art!!! Im so happy, sewing ,sewing , cutting cutting !! The Goddess of rain bless our day here and I did all my fun things , cook a chocolate cake, cook some chili beans! And corn bread! Yum yum! so back to my sewing , is fun to do little things all day,I don't like to be at one thing ,so now I came to my blog to read others and to bless their work too.
Yesterday was a celebration here at some ones house for Ostara.I always go to these rituals, being with all these same mind women and sing and painting eggs are a lot of fun. Well these year I decide not to go, just because some people think they are " Goddess Bless' and go crazy with that, so I told my friend why I was not going, she say that these " person" was a lot of help for her at her house , and she was in charge of the ritual, so I " no I wont be there ,my friend said , sorry I hope you change your mind, well no I didn't .
Well is a long ,long ,story but the thing is these " person" doesn't respect others people space . Last time at a ritual a sit down and close my eyes, I did got a weird feeling at once I open my eyes and their she was, right behind me!!! HELP!!! She thinks We all have demons!! so she likes to go behind and do crazy dancing hands to get our spirits out. She is bi-polar, medical! she got a weird hoarse voice that she changes constantly on a ritual!! And now she proclaimed she has a gift , visions!! . So that is why I would not ever go to a ritual with a Mad woman on the loose! .
Instead I did my own, at home by myself and happy.
Ostara is sweet and comes full of spring flowers and honey bees!! That is what I want to celebrated, simple things in life, nothing complicated , just me and my spirits at a safe space!! Ostara is good , got eggs , Robin eggs !!! Those are so cute. Any way I have a fun couple of days!!! I hope we keep celebrating our spring equinox !!! Happy days good Goodness days . Be happy and let others be happy!!

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  1. Happy Ostara to you!

    Sometimes, I too like rainy days when I'm off. It's nice to work around the house and hear the pitter-patter of the rain against the windows. It's even better when it thunders!

    I don't blame you for staying home and doing your own ritual. I tend to be VERY careful around other pagans, especially those who work with energy, as I have had weird and uncomfortable experiences with unscrupulous individuals. Trust your instinct and intuition, it will never steer you wrong. :)