Friday, March 11, 2011

B-day Give away!!!

I got sick these week, Is never fun to be sick!! I realize how important is our body! Well today I'm much much better!! I drink all teas and concoctions that I could. But one thing that for sure will work!!! is visit to the Dr and got antibiotics!! I stay in bed for times, home alone with my beautiful dogs , and when every body was home they will stay away from Mom , I told them ! didn't want any one to get these nasty cough!
Time goes so slow when there is not much to do, my eyes hurt, my nose was a not good! So i can even read! or garden , or any thing! So I apologize for being out! yeah I was out with cough medicine !!

So today is lot better, looks like I can go to work!! yheai,and the air out side is so nice , it is getting nicer and nicer out there!

I m in my process for my give away, I got it!!! you guys will be so happy to know what it is!! Yes is that bracelet" witches powers" are in there! . I made it Im like I said in a big process to do an etsy store! Them I got sick . So Art can't wait, art is calling all the time at my door!! And Don't worry these jewelry piece I made it before I got sick! it is totally one of the kind Goddess pieces, perfect to wear at any event, dinner, sabbath !It is made of onyx,hematite , little pentacles, crystals, so is a travelers bracelet! take it when you are out of town and you will have the elements with you! The piece have being charge by the energy of the Goddess ,has the elements of Earth, grounding and protection!!.
So here my friends ," be a follower" to participate on my give away challenge. And leave a comment about what is your favorite magical stone!! and if you please tell others! that way you can get a second comment a another chance to WIN!!! The witches bracelet !!

So our finally day for the it is on my b-day!! so I will give you something on my day is April 21. Yes a month after our spring equinox !!
I will put some more pictures of these nice gift a weeks to follow, it will come in a sacred " witch bag" made by Little witchy Andrea. And yes is open to all !!!! And don't forget to tell your friends!!!


  1. Sorry to hear you were sick!

    I love the bracelet - so very magical and powerful!! - and would love to win it in the giveaway! I am a follower and will post something on my blog about your giveaway.

  2. Hi Friend..
    I LOVE your magical bracelet!!! What a lovely giveaway!
    Now I don't have a magical stone I love, but I have a magical metal I love to make jewelry out of..COPPER! It is said to have healing powers, but I love it's color & ease of manipulation & the patina it gets naturally after time...
    Have a Magic Filled Birthday my friend!!