Sunday, March 6, 2011

Rocking day!!

I m so happy to see spring is almost here daylight will be brighter!!and them of course spring will pass and Summer will be here!! Oh dreaming of warm days sounds good to me! I'm always cold even here in San Diego, warm land!is my Costa Rican blood that makes all that winter so hard for me. Today I m so ready to go to a trade show!! The Goddess is always busy on her projects! These is my favorite show, crystals, rocks, gems, show!! I have so many things that I NEED!!! yes don't that word need""" is a little to hard sometimes! We really don't need a thing but is our heart saying it " Artist need " material !!! So will go get more " Staff" because like I learn on Julia's work ; my stuff is stuff any body else is crap" I laugh so hard the day our teacher told us that saying. Yes is funny our staff is so important, specially for a witch. I always "need " crystal for spell work!! gives to clients and friends! activity is require being a witch .
I m always creating at better world in my world! cleansing is require,in a Witch world. Last couple of nites I have being with my " witchy gay" best friend! I love him , he is my best friend so many years ago, we know each other before the boys where born , exactly when I was pregnant was when we meet . 15 years ago and still he is a big part in my life, we get together and do our little rituals. He moves a lot from place to place and our ritual is always to bless his new place with a nice dinner candles, and cakes!!! We exchange our stuff regularly, means I give him some of my stuff he gives me his crap, or the other way!! he will say. Is reverse when other person say it!! So I'm going today to get him some nice house warming gift. I don't know yet what it will be until I will see it!! The Goddess will show her way!I'm also planning a giveaway party!! Yeah party!!! So I will post soon ,what it will be!! Of course it will be a witches gift !! So keep up with me and soon I will post it here! in the time I'm getting ready , going with my magical child Andrei, he loves our Gems fairs, he is quite like his Mom and he has a nice collection of rocks and monkeys and bears!! a good crystal collection too. So here we go !!! to discover a new gift for my best friend!!! David!!!

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  1. I love a gem fair! So many beautiful crystals and rocks! Have a wonderful time.