Saturday, June 18, 2011


My family (kids and Mr Big) and I are going on a cruise to Mexico. Manana!! is the Day. For my kids, it is their first time on a trip to Mexico (besides Tijuana). We will have fun! A couple of years ago, I went there with Mr Big, just the two of us, he works, I explore the country. That plan is my always the perfect plan. I walk the town, and talk to the people, do my things and of course I always do my "Witches things".

I like to just ask the Goddess to guide me when I go somewhere. It's fun for me, I like surprises and don't expect to get much. But at the end of my tour, it's a big thing. The last time i went to Puerto Vallarta was two years ago. Most of my friends have been there and love it, so I knew that I was going to enjoy my trip. My man was at a conference, so I got days to just check this town. I went up in the Rainforest one day and did a Tequila tour! Hahha, yes I learn a lot, who makes the crazy drink, why we drink it??? I'm still not quite sure. Let's said that DON JULIO and I don't get to be good friends.
Another day the town was having a "Healing" festival. It was at the front of their Church, perfect!!! Now as Spanish girl! Let me tell you. The Spanish Catholics put their Churches on the places where the pagans will have their rituals or their own churches . Every town has a church in front of the "Plaza" . Pagan Saints were substitute by the Cristian Saints. Mayas , Bruncas , Huetares , in Costa Rica we have the Mix of all those Indigenous. Sacrifices and sacred places are now build in some Cathedral Church. It's good to research all the history and find out where our people did their celebrations.

Some history said will live in a CHOZA as we call it,palapas, homes made of hay, and grass or any big tree that can be use, they will plant their land,bananas, papayas, corn, It is still the same up to these days. Everybody in all those countries: Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, all of them plant their own food. My parents have a big and beautiful garden where Avocados are in a big time right now. That is what my Mama told me these week. Lucky Mama.

And so the church (even if is a catholic thing) we know that what is deep under the roots of our land ,is more. It's our history!
Well and for some reason , spiritual place or energy place, next time you go to Hispanic or Latin country, notice the "Plaza" is always fill with people, just hanging there, talking , meeting others, is a perfect place to find anyone. Those were the market place back then. I can't imaging what was sold in there. Breaks my heart to think, slaves , kids and their Mothers , chickens, food, and home made things. Now remember not all was so good with the Mayas and Bruncas or others, their will of being a strong people will put others down. But enough of that.
So I went to the Plaza in Puerto vallarta , my man though I m going Crazier then ever. I went from booth to booth to talk to all the healers, and all of then talk some kind dialect , some are perfect on espanol !! Good for me. Talk to an old man with a hat full of chicken feathers, not goooooddddd, no espanol he said, but he can heal and take demons out!!! No thanks , No gracias y adios I said. I found a couple of cute crazy maniacs , burning peoples cloths and screaming something I don't remember,. And finally I got to a booth of husband and wife, I told my husband " This is it" My Mr. Big said" See you later, this is crazy and too hot to just stay here. Good bye" Ok so i went and got my "Big time " ritual.... She got some Chicken feathers stick , or broomstick , for what I think, she dances around I was on a bed on the floor, quite comfy, she walk all over me, she is telling me" all my body issues " Senora she said" we are better than the Chiropractic DR . I believe that, any person who has been on a Chiropractor table know that . She walks and tap the floor, she walks on me !! crack crack my ribs , legs , lower back, about half of hour of dancing on me , she said ok you are good know... Next is the Man ,. He wrap a big towel around me and pulls me up and down... up and down, dear Goddess I'm so glad my husband is gone and out of here , he will die if he sees these.
Them=n is the final cleanse he said. agua que limpia el alma senora !!! OK I said clean me up!!! He uses sage to spray my body, mix with Alcohol! and he hits my back up and down. According to them , my body is perfect!! And im heal and good and new.... I walk to my hotel and found my man and friend drinking " JULIO" !!!!!

i will be visiting Puerto vallarta on my cruise!! It will be fun to go and walk by the plaza, and tell my kids " remember my story about the lady and the chicken feathers" .... See you all in Mexico!!!

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  1. What a fabulous adventure! I hope you and your family have the best time and maybe you will see the lady with the chicken feathers. ;-)