Saturday, June 4, 2011


Julia Cameron calls it" Marching orders" , I love her work , I have done all her classes , and still is with me , after so many years. I got marching orders on Wednesday morning.
Synchronicity s where every where that day.Or I will said is a SIGN. Lots of signs!!
, I took the class the Artist way , 7 times!!! that is because I love it so much , and every time was something new!! Then I did , Walking on these world and after that , finding water. The Vein of gold it is not available from my wizard teacher! He said we cant take it!! We are a bunch of loony's any way on these world!!

Julia has her followers I should say, I just like her work, I don't go to LA when she visits , like some of my friends.
I there so many artist, passion , but again Crazy people, The last time I did my class , I did it in a form of witchcraft !! A 13 weeks of writing pages about my head , the morning pages . When I told my wizard about Christoper Penczak"s books,he got them all, Like he said, Gay and witch!!! Perfect that moves my feathers!!So we did 13 weeks of witchcraft.
Is a commute universe , we all listen to same things , same ideas , we all get them , a whisper on our ears, some will do answer the call, some wont do a thing it all.I have these week lots of synchronicity"s !! Julia said when we listen we can see them a lot easier!!! Thank Goddess !!! Im on the right track.

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  1. Synchronicity is a powerful pull, is it not? We are all touched by it even if unaware.