Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer days.

Days of beauty!!! I love the summer!! I love Winter , spring,I love then all, each season , has it own beauty. I m in the mood for beautiful gardens!! Yesterday I have to drive my son to his friend house. I know where it is, is next to the pretty garden I told him.Here in our lovely suburbia, all gardens are the same! Except, if you are a God/Goddess follower. The pretty garden that I always notice , has Goddesses around, just like mine!.One day I wish I have the guts to ring her door bell and ask her!! Can you give me a garden tour, please!

Well these lady has some Goddesses just like me.One in particular looks like is a the head of a woman(Goddess) and I put different succulent plants in there, well these other garden, the Goddess head has GRASSS!!! And is dead grass, so is long grass but is now brown, looks like HAIR!! Oh my eyes get so big when I see things like that. So I know that type of ornamental grass, and yes it gets long too!Now I can't wait to do it myself too!! I like to see things so I can be inspire. But that is costly too.Monkey see and monkey wants!

I'm sorry if I don't write every day! I try, I do. My problem is my sewing, and art, I have being so busy in my sewing, and making new things for me and my friends. And Andrei and I are working on our collages! We are not done but it is fun to glue things and cut and cut paper! Art is my blood, art is what makes me to get up, and do more! I make these yoga line !! I sell it to my friends, here, no website yet. For the last year I sell the yoga wear, it is fun and my friends are the best followers. So beside being a Mom, a hairstylist full time, My yoga , and Jewelry, all those things, takes over my life!! And yes the growing fast kids. But is all part of these Goddess, I'm a creative witch. I never do nothing, I'm always doing the doing, pulling weeds outside, or inside at my machine. Coffee helps too! Yesterday I sew some fun pink shorts, HOT PINK, I see still pink spots all over. fabric is so soft and fun to touch. Dirt is rough and fun to touch. So if I'm not here blogging , I'm outside trying to give to my Goddess a new hair do. Until we meet again. Enjoy these warm days... have fun under the sun...Andrea.


  1. I like your new blog look!

    I've seen planters like you describe. They are really fun!

    Sounds like you're busy with lots of crafts. I'm the same way....always doing something...have got to keep busy and keep creating!

    Blessings to you, Andrea :)

  2. Thanks Kim !! you are so creative too I seeing your jewels! Keep the good work.

  3. oh your new look is good :) i didn't realise where i was for a while lol keep up with the busy being creative is what gets me thru too x x x

  4. Thanks !! Crystal! Your blog is so pretty too!

  5. Your new look is gorgeous! I'll bet that garden is wonderful.

    Don't apologize for not writing everyday. We all have our lives to live and you are an artist who must create! That is a wonderful gift.