Thursday, June 30, 2011


Busy, busy day! that was not my plan ,but is all good. Today that plan was tell my kids they were in "House arrest" just so we all can help with the chores! Well the morning was gone so fast, sleepy heads on summer days! These teenagers love to sleep, and when I told them about the plan... All I heard was lots mumble,mmmhhhh,,whyyyy? Why because I said so!!!!.So just like in snap , Mary Poppins said, the things get done. Abby and Romeo got their bath, and brush, the wood from outside got a coat of paint!! That is so cool!! And last my biggest thing for myself, The Garden! still I have so much work to do, but is so much fun!! Today is hot and beautiful !!

The Goddesses are so happy they got new dirt around them, went to the garden store and got some new plants and baskets .Got a flat of ground cover ,Little flowers , so pretty in pink. These is my first summer with no worry's of my business. Is all so good. I can relax and just work easy.

One of my Goddess planters have a cool look, some of my sweet potatoes plants are growing, I though it was a weed, so I pull it and found the little potato hanging there!! It makes me think of Harry Potter when they are re-potting the mandrake !Yes I will love to be able to plant all those amassing earth gifts, devils shoe strings, belladonna, mandrake and every little herb that has powers.
Mandrake I only know it in the dry way, the only way I can get it, don't know if really grow around here, it will be so beautiful and exciting to see the shape of these plant.In Pan's Labyrinth they use for Ofelia's Mom so she can Keep the baby !!

Did you ever seeing a real Mandrake plant, do you know if she grow in California, if you had growing one before, please tell me about it, it most be most fascinating plant in a witches garden!!
And those story's about the poor dog that people will put him to pull the plant! The old days !! afraid of even pull a plant for their magical forces!!Interesting , So I m going to Google some resources about where is grown , mostly, I think is China , just because all things are from there this days.
I can only imaging the old days the Doctors cooking the plant so he can give it to his patients, or the crazy woman will give it to her lover! to make him crazy too!!

Botanical Name: Mandragora officianarum (Solanaceae)

Synonyms: Mandragora, Satan's Apple, love apple, Circe's plant, Dudaim, Ladykins, Mannikin, Racoon, Berry, Bryony roots


  1. The Mandrake is an interesting root plant. I, too, will google it for more information.

    Love your statement "House Arrest." You are so funny..and right!

  2. I am so glad your business is doing well. How wonderful!

    Now I am curious about the Mandrake myself.

  3. Mandrake! yes is so mysterious plant, Thanks you girls for checking on my blog!