Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Be Witch!!!

I got a day off !! Just because! now I don't own a business front anymore, is so good to be free. But is a challenge too. Love to spend time at home, cooking, do my shores, take care of my soon growing up kids. Is a challenge ! I still work doing hair at the same shop, that I use to own. Is so different, different people, that works there. Funny thing, one day they where telling me ,rules and regulations. I told them " I know all these before you came to these world!". There is another planet, not my planet.
I was having a hard time for a couple of years , with workers that I was just "DONE" I never want to go back! Don't look back is my mantra!. My kids for the first time since they where born(sad) have a Mom The Nanny that help me with them is sad , she was great but time for me to be here!And just me!!
Yes there is lots of regrets in there, the time is gone, nothing we can do about. Some days it makes me sad, others I'm just grateful ,I did it! and learn my things at a young age.Today I work part time, my husband is not use to my new income ,I like to be at home that is my real thing.
So I'm here today just because "I want to", sounds like a two year old, I book my Dr app on today, a client called ,but I told her I m off today, tomorrow will be here soon.
I'm a regular mom, a wife, a witch, an artist, I dream that all my kids love art! We always do art here. When they where little I will give then canvas and paint, today we got some cute art work around the house, I still teach them art! They are too old for mom's class! I made a collage for a client the other day! I think it was more for me them for her. But she love it! Not every body sew or paint ,so that was my gift for her B-day. Now I want to make some more ,I got my sewing machine and things at my living room, any way nobody use it! And the dogs love it when Mama is there! I can be cooking and sewing at the same time. But I need to created a new space for my painting !! Jewelery is at my bedroom. I m taking over the entire house , just like my Andrei (11 years old) and his Lego's.
Sewing , planting witches things, cooking, laundry, That is a modern witch! Oh and lets not forget ! Therapy for my full of hormones! Daughter!! these last weekend she cry all weekend for her boyfriend, they broke-up "AGAIN" Dear Goddess Help me!! I just go with the flow, I give love and some tea with cookies maybe that will help the soul, oh no , no today she told me they are back again, so these is my week, going , just being their Mom, and loving it every minute I have!!!

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  1. How wonderful that you have more time with your kids! Fabulous choice.