Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ocean ritulals .

And just like that we are done with those little lunch bag days !!! All of my kids are out, summer is one of the best things.I got to enjoy our warm days, barbeque some corn and hamburgers, water melon!!! Life is on a hammock!!! I don't have one but you know ,is easy to just sit and enjoy the weather.Our gift to the girl!! Little Goddess on training wheals" is a Cruise to the Mexican Riviera !! So In one week, all of us will be taking the boat by now , and stay out in the sea for one whole week! I will be celebrating my summer equinox on the Mexican ocean! I guess is my growing-up by the ocean, it is for me the best thing! I love rituals on the water.

A few years ago, I did a ritual at the ocean,for a friend of my , on her b-day after she pass away, to a better place!! I cut all my roses from my garden , I was cutting and putting them on a basket !! Looking probably like Morticia Adams !! My next door neighbor,came to see what I was doing with the roses! I told her about my friend and her birth day , And that I was going to "Coronado Beach" to do a ritual for her. My next door lady got all sentimental too, and she said "Let me help too" And she cut all her roses too. It was a great ritual. We got two full baskets of roses. Now these was about five years ago. Stiil I can get with tears when I think about that day. My friend's daughter And I plan these for days before!! We will go ! Do my witches ritual !! with all the incense and roses. Funny things happen that day, a musician come by the same day to play his guitar next to us! So we new from that moment that My friend "Amy" was already here with us! These guy didn't even have a clue what was going on! He play great songs ! We talk to Amy and told her Happy birth day! Got some candles out. We put them on big glasses , is so windy on the beach. We did a special dance for her! And toss the roses all over the Ocean!! Some of the roses where thrown back to us with the waves! Roses on the Ocean are just a plain beauty, people walking by , took one while they walk and talk! Ocean music, waves crashing on the front rocks, we got wet and between, the tears and the waves , is both the same! salty water. I guess the ocean is where all the tears go. And that is why is so salty . That is my opinion. In my little girl mind.

And just like that , we have a beautiful day saying , goodbye to Amy and singing her Happy b-day!I m sure she love it too .

The Equinox is here before we know! things go fast but if you have a fun water ritual That will like to share with me please tell me about it. Or a book!!
I would love to hear if you got any That I can use on my trip , love these warm days!I'm making crystals sandals for my trip too! It is so much fun in to prepare to get there!! But I'm planning to take my laptop , so I can keep up with the blog world too! So I'm staying in touch! ....Blessed be! Andrea.

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  1. Your ritual sounds lovely! I hope you have a wonderful trip