Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Is has being busy busy, in my Goddess world, So sorry I m so bad to write my blog. But is just how it gets sometimes. During my b-day celebrations , please note that is has being many!!! So many wonderful friends and my family!! And still I got more of those these week. Mercury is gone and things are looking pretty good under the Taurus Sun. Sunny with no clouds, warm weather, warm friends hearts!! What else can we ask for.
David my lovely and best friend gay husband who I just love for his good heart, he cooked for me, he always does things like that! Thank Goddess for my gay husband! He always comes and rescue me. And we did have a nice dinner at his place, just like a perfect couple! I have being marry for 20 years these year to my Mr Big!!! I did called him that way of course back on the day of sex in the city!. Some of friends even did call him the same way. But I have being with my other husband David for 15 years, so happy he is in my life. Sometimes he forgets about me, rude that is so rude, but at the end he always comes back to me. Now my real man Andy, poor guy, he thinks we are just a bunch of loony's. He always tells people ;the story about when our little Ashley she was maybe 4or less, ask why I was going out with David, Andy did the good Daddy talk about why he was my very best friend! And why it was ok for me to be out with David !that was the first time she understood so many things !!! Ashley adores David, she knows who was her walking teacher on high heels !! He will said " Ashley walk these way, look at me Ashley. SO many funny things in our lives that it makes us the best!
David is witchy and fun , got the green man on his walls that is his Man!! Is just so perfect for his personality wild and fun.
May day is almost here and I'm still running around , trying to get my altar ready!. I put flowers today, spring flowers are the best! so many to choose from. I will enjoy the day by myself, these is my promise to myself. I need to get some time to myself and talk to my Goddess about all the blessings she has given to me. One year and so many changes! my head is still spinning from all those changes . But I m" doing the doing", just like Julia Cameron said. Just do your work and the Goddess will add her magic.And after so many years of people in and out of my life ! , my two man !!! are still with me, Thanks Goddess!! So until we meet again, Blessed be!


  1. loved this story about your two husbands!!!

    Glad to hear you had a wonderful birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoyed your day. Where do I find myself a gay "husband?" I think they would make a better friend than a woman would! Women can be so petty and jealous sometimes!

  3. Kim !!! that is so easy! they are every wear. And yes, they are the best of friends.