Monday, February 28, 2011

Witches Oils !

I have being practicing the craft for a quite a while. Here in town we know most each other! we go to rituals , groups, Sabbaths,readings. I like to know my pagan friends!! We take care of each other, we send energy to heal one another! I like to know that no matter what we are not alone!I have being a shape shifter myself in so many ways!! Wiccans are shapeshifters , we all adjust our self to handle things! We are pro active . The other day talking with friends I ask them what they do when they need help! some one say she goes to the bar!! The other said she stay lock at home!. Well in my case I call the Goddesses around me! I reach for others! And i feel those energy's taking me to a safe place! Shifting my way of thinking! We are doing a book circle now !. is a circle , the books goes around and around! witches books of course!

Reading keeps as clear thinking and keep me always trying for a new recipe or a new oil! there is so much to explore under the Goddess Sun!

One of my favorite things is to give ! When my friends give me help in any matter I will take care of them in any thing they may need! or I will give them some of my personal "witch oil" I make usually at lot, so the way it will last me a list a year.

I make it of course under the full moon! At my garden I get ; suplys and all the things I need a few days before, clean your bottle and herbs ready.

I have these big crystal bottle that is antique and it is where my oil will stay under the moon , after is ready I will pour it into small bottles as gifts and are little helpers for my friends spells! So here are some of my ideas that you can use ;

Witches oil are powerful ,use in small amounts , I have a sensitive nose so I don't use nothing with strong smells like essential oils(from store), the oil base I use is Grape seed oil! is great for our skin and is antioxidant so I will prevent wrinkles too! The is always a good thing so we don't look like an old witch.

Fresh herbs from my garden are the only thing I use , a mix of different sage's and a mix of lavenders, rosemary , lemon balm, mint, and roses too, Ginger is really good to use. I place a crystal inside the bottle , a charge crystal! with the intention of our anointing oil. Is always good to recite a poem for the Goddess , to invoke her ( Choose your Goddess ) I put all my ingredients in there as I sing to her! Them I will place it at my altar for a couple of days, charging and shaking these special bottle.

Give these oils to friends with a candle so they can use it on their spell work. Is always good to tell them to anoint these candle as well with the " Witch oil" . These are perfect presents for , Sabbaths , Birthdays , or any emergency call we may get from a friend.

If you are not allergic to essential oils you can add some drops to help the mind and to make it a little pleasant you can add frankincense ! the smell is great plus is a protective resins. Barks ,ashes, a piece of fabric! things with a meaning to us will make these oil even more powerful . Have fun! Let me know if you have another recipe I will love to try it! Bless those oils and send them to your friends !

And on you know what is that different between a Real witch and a New age , Witches make every potion them self !!! Or a list most of the time! Blessings my friends Andrea.

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