Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bloom where you "re planted

Busy is not even close! These week is the week of "Gay Pride" And I have a huge party to attend !! I'm sewing my friend "gay Pants" we are going to dress up like we are something from "lady GAGA" . I got the biggest high heals shoes ever, a red corset so blink blink!!
And in all that is our daily shores, work kids, my real husband, the other gay husband, who is impossible to find sometimes!!!
So my mantra is "I got time" for every thing, And I'm doing and catching up in all around.Yesterday I went to visit my sister, She just bought a home and she was telling me to go and check her new place ! It takes about 45 minutes from my house to hers. I'm so glad she has a place!! Remember a few months ago, I blog about it. I gave her my Goddess Ganesha! The same one the help me, to sell my hair Salon, so I pass it to her ! And yes like any thing took some time to get the right place. She is a new home owner, I'm so happy for her, she is so creative and I know that she will make a beautiful home in there . I bless her and her new home, my nice and nephew are growing so fast almost out of the house , college and adios Mom !! But is so good to have a place to come back and still have a room with all your things.
We were planning to do some sagging but, there are still painting and hammering the house, so when all is done and put in place the both of us will give thanks for all the help to our Goddess .
I like to be the witch of my family and friends .Was fun to get out there , my sister give me a tour of her neighborhood, she lives in Hispanic community, I live in a Chinese community, weird ha. But I move here so long ago and the fun thing is I do love my oriental food, the Markets are crazy and I get every thing there even incense .
My co-worker's said I was probably Oriental in my past life. I'm sure i get along with all of them , love the food , Thai, Vietnamese, and Chinese . In all Is just part of blooming where we are. I bloom here for almost 20 yrs , and my sister will bloom in her new place.
Is our journey to enjoy were we are. And have fun with it.
So I have a animal print tide pants to fit on my friend!! And so many other projects waiting for me to finish as well. Gay pride is about our individualism , so we are going crazy, as we always DO... Untill we meet again! have a ball !!Andrea.


  1. I'll bet you will look amazing in your Lady Gaga ensemble! Have a wonderful time, my friend.

    I love Asian food an culture and one day will visit a China Town. Have a wonderful week.

  2. Wow!! You ARE busy!!! Thank you for visiting my blog.....welcome! Have a great time this week!!