Sunday, July 10, 2011

A visitor

These days we are taking it so easy, late dinners, late nights watching TV, kids on vacation , friends are in out!!!Sleeping late, and them is so hard to wake-up on the morning.Is the summer energy, it makes all crazy, and changes every thing.

Last night we went out for dinner , when we got home , I went outside to water my plants, these heat is drying out every thing. I water the back yard first then the front, I got to see a little baby frog, so I was calling to my kid Andrei, so he can come and see, "Andrei a frog a froggg!!! Well the kid was doing his business and could run fast enough. So the frog was gone in a blink. I keep putting more water around, and the something at the corner of my eye move, smooth and slow, i got chill , panic and I look slowwwww , some thing a never have seeing here in my neighborhood was there! A Coyote, he was walking next to the houses , and running really quiet ! I almost scream, but I control myself and said" Oh my Godddd ". Him and I have a sec of not moving! I run inside the house, and of course he did the same thing.

So here is the thing, these guy was out of his home the canyon why?. Nobody around did see a thing, out there was lady walking her dog and she said... did n"t see a thing . As always is me! Of course my husband said" They just follow you" I have nature encounters a lot! But these is suburbia. Is not too far the canyon, but still, it was early like 10pm.
Crazy!! I think but I'm the crazy one, of course every body got out and say "he is gone" and all of us back inside. I think my animal totem is his cousin the wolf , and since he is not wolf !! I guess I get the Coyote!
These is probably the fifth time I seeing one by-myself again! One time, I though it was some ones dog walking in front of me, until a guy jump and start trowing sticks to him I din"t realize what he was doing.I just look at me like " are you crazy" . So I just keep walking following the coyote , but hi was gone running up the hills.

Last night I had lost of nightmares, I thing was all about the coyote, I was thinking in my little dog Romeo, how many nights we are outside !!! Last night I told Romeo to stay inside, no reason why I just didn't let him come with me as we always do. So Im glad I got the hint< And trust me "Romeo" is not allowed to be at front at night anymore. There is plenty of rabbits out in the canyon for him I hope no one lost their cat last night !!!

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