Wednesday, July 6, 2011


We have a huge rainbow yesterday! It was long and at the middle some rain clouds. Was miles long, I work in downtown San Diego, that was one end, them I drove home, I live up-north 22 miles, the Rainbow stop, 4 miles before my exit!! It was bright and clear, the freeway was slow!!... All of us were ohhh ahhhh , I never have seeing such a long rainbow.A friend of mine, post a picture on face book. Yes it was like he said"the perfect rainbow".
So I was hoping, Oh would be nice to have rain and a thunder storm!!Those are fun, magical, in the summer a thunder storm! I guess I like weird things. But It did rain, not by house, far east! My friend Catz who lives up there , said it was a big rain, and lots of thunders!!! Oh I have to call the Goddess of these storm, and ask her ; Please next time, bring it to my street!!Yeah!!!
Or I have try a new rain spell!! My garden will love for sure.

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  1. That is such a gorgeous photo! You sound just like my sister. She says a good storm just energizes her.