Saturday, July 23, 2011

Laguna Niguel

We just walk in the house from our vacation! so now I'm unloading laundry and unpacking all those things. It is always my favorite thing to have vacations! The resort life, late dinners , meet my friends and have drinks and long lounge times. My kids are growing fast and so they sleep a lot!!
So there is why have being out of my blog. But the good part is my re-new in energy , the good time and the ocean breeze will fix any thing in our spirit.

We walk on the beach, my friend Amy has two little ones, so is so much fun to see their eyes so big when we find something at the shore, sea stars ,little craps and their screaming for what they see.
I have being there lots of times, but I never discover a rock ,not just any kind , was, a big rock with a load of crystals, I got pictures but I'm having downloading issues with my computer , I have to try in my laptop.
These rock stands so high and is sharp, can cut your skin, is not just a rock is a thousands rocks, and minerals. These big amazing mother nature stone, sits on the beach and nurture all sorts of little things,living and swimming in there. Rose crystals bonded with mineral are so hard the is no way these crystal are coming out! Fossils of sea seashell, milky crystals , some one probably got a drill out there ,I found a hole in the rock with sand stone all over, these are big crystals about 5 pounds and so more or less.
Nature is a big gem stone, so I charge my energy's up there.
These was up in Laguna beach, the famous people from "Real house wife's "and movies stars , are in the area. We have seeing then before, not these time.Or maybe I just don"t care of the who is who, I just want to make my family to connect and enjoy one of the most beautiful places around here. Dinners with my kids and our friends can get you hungry all the time.And of course they will be asking for Tarot readings !!So I need more energy to keep up.
Im home and I will stay now for a while, and I will be here again, checking at my friends blogs , reading spells and enjoying my home made food!! See you at your blogs. Andrea.

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