Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Beauty Of A Witch

What is beauty for some is not for everybody! Beauty is a secret gift the comes from inside, not in the skin. It goes deep, intro the soul. A friend of mine, close to me every day.She is my yoga partner! Her name is Kate, she a walking beauty, she is not intro the fancy things in life, she is the most simple person you will ever meet.
Every day we practice yoga together, we share our energy and exchange and re-new our power to be better every day,Kate got brain damage a few years ago, and is almost 100% better, still she got things to re- learn, so do I, I always tell her, That is our joke"What is my excuse ". she is beautiful,inside she is so amazingly inspiring woman.When people see her , will never know that she was almost dead, or maybe she did and just come back.
Kate inspire so many others to be who we are and shine on these world.So these video is for her, Kate, gets up every day and do what she most do Heal her self , with her own powers and her own will! . Blessings to my dear and closest friend,Kate!!

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  1. This is such a beautiful tribute to your inspiring friend Kate. Powerful words and love.

    I love this video. That is one of my all time favorite instrumentals and the images with it are lovely. It is beautiful to be a witch and feel connected to all. Have a great week!