Monday, December 13, 2010

Power to the witch!

I m a witch!!! And proud Witch!!! . I have being chosen by the Goddess . I keep my self in tune with the planet my surrenders,my walk on these earth and to treat everybody as part of these planet. Blessings come always in different packages !! And I repeat to myself I'm bless ,I'm bless.
I got amazing people around me , my family my kids and other half . For them to have a Witch in their life is Blessing too! That is always said to me by my friends. Not they just say just because, they show me all the time their friendship to me, whenever they travel it will always something for me ,not just any gift , it will be a magical gift ,something they found on a walk a rock , a stone .Sometimes is thing for me to wear and so on.

One of my lovely friends is in the book business , so Before a book is at the store she will get it for me!! how cool is that !! And of course is all the witches books. Im not going to say her name for protection!! I protect all friends like her . She is a publisher and for that I will keep it quiet . But here is the thing. I get all those novels and Magical books galore!Bless her and keep her at her job! I will keep sending blessings to her for ever.
I just got a book that is going to rock for all of us!! I'm just telling you is so good! Im not even intro the full book but is good. Name...." The discovery of witches" , It will come out on February next year . Deborah Harkness .Amazon has it already post it ,but is not for sale yet.

The book industry is so big sometimes I think I need to never leave home and read and read so I can catch up!! Love spell books ,novel about witches and any old book the may look mysterious to me. Long time ago I was on the search of a very old witches book, so I will check on line and do phone calls, all that kind of things . Well I stop when I found out the those books are in a Medival language and sometimes, so dark and as a collector told me writing with blood !! O K that took care of me in my search !!! . I still believe there are old good books !!! with magic on them, If they suppose to come to me they will come , just like all these new books !! They just come because of what I call " The power of a witch"

One of my dreams is to finish my book that wrote , so far is still there waiting for me to continue , and you know as artist we get our own little drama and our art suffer all the consequences . I hope my own self kick my own butt one day and just do it !!.
" Season of the witch" movie is coming out ,and of course i will be there!!! And with my Nicholas Cage what else can a witch ask for, is all good and good. So let keep writing a page at the time. And get more little magic from books and Great friend's. Bless to my friends they are part of me and me part of them. Blessed be . Andrea.

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