Thursday, December 2, 2010

Old wife's tales !

I have to fly away these week, So because of that I have being so efficient in so many ways!!! And I like that. When I got so much time I take my time for every thing, sometimes that is a good thing but others are not such good thing. The best part of going away for a few days is my own personal challenge. Keep all things running around my life, that is kids dogs and my man. Then is my work ,after that is play time !! no is the other way ,first play them work or something like that. I m going to visit my Mom for a day only( is perfect) and after the one day, I will be in business trip with my brother and his family,that is the best part. So OK here is the real deal, growing up, back in my old country and my lovely Mom ,she was so cool yes back them , she tough me so much about the craft! Yes our witchcraft, she didn't know she was one, but she was one and a really good witch !!and a great healer too!!. Sadly today she is in a different believe, and know she is a noon practitioner!!! Why ? is always my question. She is my Mom in all and all I do love her ,but I m not allowed to said a thing about the good old days. She always said " Don't said that any more! " . I lost the interest to even sit and talk to her,yes is not good but is true. How can some one change the way she grew to something else. She said is because she finally found God . And I said OH MY GOD, she wont laugh any more ,every thing is bad and bad ,birth days , Mothers day, Christmas ,new years ,and everything that is like some kind of fun . She knows why I wont stay at her house , I don't deal with her Guilt's, Im maybe a little too hard about that .We understand each other so well at the same time, we just accept each other just that way we are. But still I just love to tease her about her call "old believes" . I said some smart comment like " Mom do you still sweep the house backwards to bring good luck ?" She will answer : "no; now I know it was just old wife tales!!
I do like old wife's tales ,I always enjoy then so I'm going to name a few of all the "Old wife's tales that my Mom told me when I was just a little girl .

1) To bring money and good luck to your home swept your home from the front of the house to the back!! Keep all dirt together .It represent the future money!.

2) Keep house plants well taking care , check any shapes that they may show!! Something like a number ,and play it in the lottery!!

3) If you need a husband , put San Antonio up side down!!! He wont like that but he will bring some one soon !! Then you can put San Antonio back to normal.

4) If you lost something, call San Antonio for help !!! My Dad still does it just to annoy my Mother " Antonio ,Antonio!!!

5) To stop the breast milk got a river and cut some leaves from around there ! Brush them on your breast and trow them away and the river will take away the milk!!! Yeap! She said she did it and that is for real!!

6) Want o meet the Devil go to the same river ,pick again some leaves,now you need to now how to swim for these one !!! get those leaves and trow them at the river, one of the leaves is going to run opposite of the river-flow , get it and he will show!!! How my Mom know that ? I don't know :)

7) Put a red cord at the right arm of a new born to prevent the evil eye! from all new visitors.

8) In thunder storm trow knives at the front door!!! It will keep the storm away from where you are!!

9) For a kidney infections put salt on your belly and keep it there with some tape!!!

10) Keep a glass full of water by your bed! there may be a thirsty spirit around ,and will protect you from further harm !!

11) pregnant!!! Do not drink young coconut milk! it can bring the baby sooner then you want!!

OK and what about today's thing with bottles of water, our poor spirits! they better learn to open those too!!!
Cultures are a beautiful thing and we should pass it on to our next generation!Just the same way they were told to us ,from our Grandma to the other and so on!!!

any way is just my thing for now ,I will be with my Mami on Sunday and I wold love if she just stop praying for me, like she Tell's me all the time , "oh Honey I will pray for you" I told her Yesterday 'Don't please "I told her there are really scary things out there! Im not one of those" and she said" I know"
Yes I know is the typical Mom always worry for her kids! I worry about my kids too!! And then I will go and bless a candle for them , Bless my Mama I love her no matter what! she is my Mama. Blessed be Andrea.


  1. Oh, I just love these - thank you so much for sharing! It's a good point you brought up - your Mom's new religion doesn't allow for fun - not my kind of religion!

    I'd love to put these old wive's tales in the grimoire section of my blog - go here and let me know if it's ok with you!

  2. Please ,fell free to paste any thing!! And if need more let me know! . Happy to help.