Tuesday, December 21, 2010

....Until we meet again.

That is my favorite part of our open or closing ceremonies in our circle. And today just to think how many will be saying those words it gave me chills!! A friend of mine name Julie just told me today she is going to a yoga studio and they will be celebrating " Winter Solstice" with a 100 Sun salutations!!! . How nice is that.Love Julie my friend and sister in a spiritual level.
We ALL are united in a way ,in a spiritual way. The planet connect with us and us with the planet ,making a beautiful circle of energy, we can feel it as it is, friends around the world gather their energy's in a ritual and celebrating what is has being for thousand of years the "wheal of the year" .
I'm in love with full moon's these will be a lunar eclipse as well!!More to reconnect in energy forces and so perfect to be in our " yule"or winter Solstice . I will be celebrating it in my own way, connecting with the planet my family and sending all those special blessings to all the people that are "helpful spirits" . They are in a human form ,yes, but they can have almost the mystic veil around them, they talk with peace ,attract loving people, share their magic with others, and most of all take care of our souls. I have so many friends but those with those power !! are even greater to have. So these time of the year I just like to take Extra care of them, I have being so busy baking and making little things for my friends!! So busy that my blog has being neglected from these last week,
. Last year one of my close friends give me an ornament of a girl full with bags and is saying" Too much of the good things is !!WONDERFUL. So yes I have a full week of wonderful things, friends, family, love and baking cookies with my kids! that is all I really enjoy, home ,warm nights ,stay in too cold to go out!! And is raining like it never does!! here in San Diego.
My tree is so pretty full of meaningful ornaments, and no tree top! I decide these year to not put a thing up there , do you think anybody here will notice? Not it all !! the kids just look dawn to their future presents!! Is good to be a happy kid, is good to make magic for them , so these year and like any other year my tradition is the same, make my children a happy life!!!And don't forget to put some cookies out tonight for" Baba Yaga"She definitely loves her cookies and she will stop by !! And if you don't have any cookies ,she just may take the kids!! Blessings to all of you planing your "yule" celebrations, May the winter man bring blissful kisses to you, may the wind blow soft to your ear , may all your wishes be fulfill!!May you walk in peace to find those with the same spirit , May you honor the Goddess in you today!!! Merry meet and merry part !! the circle is open ... but never be broken...Until we meet again!!!!

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