Sunday, December 12, 2010

Goddess of ATC

I just got back from trip to my loved other Country, Costa Rica, Happy to have seeing my family and do a day trip to the Goddess land!!. I'm still tired jet-lag and you know ,we have to get back to our life's, our kids ,work and the daily things. My travel was as safe as always ,that is the good reason to be a little witch !!! Great travels come first in our intentions,them from that comes all the nicest things we can created to make a "Magickal trip".
My magickal trip will be written on later tomorrow!.
These is for my new friend Wendy !!!from http;// ,I sign up for my First ATC, I'm very creative I know but these is new land for me ,and since I love to be challenge here I m all sign up,I have to mail all my artist trading cards by tomorrow so Wendy can get them on time for the Holidays ,Yes I'm a little behind !!!all in good time will evolve to a nice trade!! And I hope I will be doing these for a lot of different trades. And here are the pictures of the beautiful card Wendy just send me, amazing artist take a look and say hello to Wendy at her Blog. Goddess Blessings to all my blogger friends!! I m back on track.

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