Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Spells can wait!!

Is the winter!! we all get a little lazy and drinking more coffee than what I need. IS easy to do nothing it all. My inside Goddess is telling me do something, so I go and clean-up the kitchen ,the showers, do more Laundry, and is never done. So I decide Holidays are for just doing nothing at all. I got a few books as a gifts from my friends, and busy busy had no time to open then, until last night. Boy oh boy my friends know me. I love Janet Evanovich books, she is fanny , keep you going and no harm done to your brain. So I got one of her latest books. Is a funny novel and it takes place on my favorite town" Salem, Ma" . Cool !!!So I m here just reading and enjoying a goofy witch who doesn't have clue what is to be a "witch" it all. The book name is "Wicked Appetite" All of you may like to read from time to time some good sense of humor ,these book got all that. So in my down lazy time I will be upstairs shoes off , reading . i should I sign the said: " Spell are in the slow cooker". And with a picture of a lazy chic!! Moving her Cauldron with her foot mean while she is reading her book.Cute Ha?
After all the year is almost done, no rush to do any spells !! Take it easy girls!!, kick off your shoes and just enjoy it while it last... we will be running like chicken with their head cut off pretty soon. So until we meet again , I'm just doing nothing , blessed be. Andrea.

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