Friday, December 24, 2010

Lights!!! and trees, and a train !

So fast so close to get the poor tree all clean-up. The is the sad thing , to see my beautiful tree out of gifts. I wish all my friends and family a happy day ,today is the real deal in Costa Rica, funny thing to know they read my blog shhssshhh , they wont tell a soul about it or comment in it!! but the all in my family keep up with my writing . Is good to know that we are in a world so connected and paste and glitter!! Im so done with the cookies. I just clean up Baba Yaga leftover cookies , she ate some , my youngest son Andrei didn't believe my story about her ,smart kid at 11 said ,And what about other peolpe that didn't left cookies for her, those kids where not snatch away !!!Whack him !!! That will make you believe hahha .
So we did our drive on a holiday street here last night ,I remember year ago the street wasn't not what it is today!! peolpe was walking to see all those decorations and elf's around , Santa, dears, stars , any thing the they could thing it is hung up on their roof. A smart family sell hot chocolate for those visitor , another really smart business guy got a train show!And "Toy story 3" movie, playing on a big screen , and his garage ;is a store; hot cider, hot cocoa, popcorn , that was my favorite house , I was laughing to see that , so cool was his garage and well done clean and neat , great job make! some money to pay for the high electric bill from his chu-chu train and all those 10000 lights.My husband's favorite house is the one with Menorah and lights all tangle in there, and said " Merry whatever" ,So their to the world! celebrate any thing you want! As long it makes you happy!!
These is the time to stay home, watch movies and drink hot tea. Finally our rainy days are gone !1 Sunny California is back and today is a glorious morning!! Love my day so full of good people ,love , my kids ,dogs and these magic in all of us!! Merry whatever!!! And be happy.


  1. Thank you for sharing Andrea. I wish for you a joyous new year.

    Blessings Fiona

  2. Thank you Fiona!!! Happy new year ! Goddess Blessings to you .