Saturday, December 4, 2010

Witches Travel !!!

I m a firm believer on my craft!! of course, so I collect important things when I travel. Im very lucky to say I travel a lot or did ,lets see these new year ,who knows? . At every city that I go their is always a witchy store, so over the years i got a nice collection of these and that. Part of all is to remember the town or city I went o visit.

When I went to Alaska, love that place so magical , mystical, the energy around those cold mountains ,it brings back to the ancestors of the land, when the wind blow ,you can almost hear a song in your ear!!!! misty , but so beautiful. So at one of there town I found a young little witch!!! Love it .I guess I attract the energy of the Goddess ,is always easy for me to get to the right place. At the particular stores I got one of my favorites rings!!! Is a labradorite stone and it has being since then my " travel stone" i use the ring whenever I got in a plane and is such good feeling ring.
So Yes I m addicted to trinkets and magical stores , I went to New Orleans ,a couple years ago , did the same thing I always do, get as much tour's I can. The city has so much to see, you need a week just to visit all those cemetery and to hear each tour guide tell you all about ghost and lost souls !!! is so rich in all the matter and Vampires too . Marie Laveau's is an attractive tour, and to meet the High Priestess " Miss Miriam " at the Temple is something I recommended to all of my friends . You can go to see voodoo stores galore ! and to visit Miss Marie at the cemetery ,that is the highlight of the trip.
Before I got there I already new all her life ,read and study as much as I could !! you get chill when you see her tombstone, all the people the come to her site to ask for favors and petitions,and me and all the gift the people brings is really something!! Her energy still feels so strong in her shop and around her house. Yes there is at lot to see in there , don't worry about the city, is a mess just ignore all the crazy things around.

And there is always a new place to go, Salem of course is my all time favorite ,wonder why, visit Laurie Cabot and go to her store !!The cat ,the crow and the crown . Is a really cute store ,and of course to visit our sister's in town!! bring flowers for the past ones at the Salem witch memorial.

So there is Europe too and the Mayan pyramids that I tough I was going to die to get there but I will just keep it in sections so you can read all in little bites !!! small and with a cup of coffee and keep coming for some more . I will post some more about that after next week, today I'm flying and going away to Costa Rica with labradorite ring "protection for the travelers" .

Until them ,Blessed be ,I know I will always find a witch or a Shaman wherever I go.

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