Monday, January 31, 2011

Buddha and Pagans!!

I got a Goddess from Thailand, I got it one day with my sister! She wants me to go to a Buddhist store near her house ,so we did. The owner of the store and his wife manage and were there at the time, my sister got some things for her home, and I was just talking to the owners about things at the store. The lady offer me a Thai reading , so I say Yes! of course, it was a nice simple reading ,she ask me; my day of birth, and from that ,she new it all!! OK I always know that I will get good readings, is always who will interpreted the out coming. So at the end she said you need a Thai Goddess!!!!, OK lady you are good!! Now Im buying a Goddess the she said I need and will be great for my business. So Goddess and I went to work,I never found out her name ,only the way to take care of her.
!My husband said ' can you get any crazier than these! , you bought a Goddess and now You Have to take care of her" , whatever! My Goddess I told him . So for many year! she was right there with me at work, she is cute, one hand she hold the future money to come and with her other hand she calls the costumers to get in my salon. So perfumes where given to her , necklaces to wear,flowers around, incense burning! the works! she got . And I like that ritual things, get in at work , bless my space, bless the day and any thing I could think of , any problem she was to listen, and she is good ,she just sits there and listen to my head going crazy about nothing important it all. That is how it is running a business, crazy about nothing . Thing were not so much fun for me at the time, I was so busy with my own Art and taking care of myself as a Goddess, so I need to sell my store . Friends at work always use to make fun of me about the " witch thing" they will said , well put a spell and do it! Oh boy if I did !!, and did any thing I could find in a book or any other source! Prayer, blessings, rituals,waters to wash!!!.Is good to have friends crazy like me ! we use some ritual that most be done at midnight,the fun the we have doing all these was good. Well the thing is, !! the Goddess and she will decide to who and when or what. Got a few people around trying to buy, but nothing will really make the sell happen. So I will just keep going, working and doing. Oh one day a friend told me that her hair stylist just sold her place and was needing another place to work, so I told her send her my way. We meet and she work with me for a while. She is from Vietnam and she ask me are Buddhist? all my decor was pagan but yes I got a few Buddhas in there so , I said kind that!( she didn't need to know about me ) , I know enough about Buddha, she told me that she was Buddhist, Great is all good!!.She like my candles and incense, so I always told her that my salon was for sale , she will say: I just got out of mine , no thanks" , Lucky her!!

Well I travel sometimes with my husband for his work and when I was gone, I will tell them, please Burn it!!! So i can get the money and run, that was the joke all the time. It didn't got burn, I was the one getting burn all the time.So we went to New York last summer, I told her it is all your when I m gone!! ,I think she love that , when I got back she said, she made good money and the she was ready to buy!! And it was sold!!! OK that is the way we did it, but it was the Goddess who really did it.
I took all my things out; Goddesses and every thing out, the salon was sold and I was still going to work there but , just paying for my booth . She the new owner did all new things!! She did good , I did good, happy ending..... stay ,stay with me I know is a lonnnng story !!

These is the happy ending and is not about me or her! is about these Goddess! I took my home and give her a new space at my home, and them a new Goddess came at work, Guess who? The new owner had the SAME GODDESS!! OMG< couldn't believe it!! , The Goddess spirit rules!! She rocks, now it is fun for me to see, the is not much difference on being a pagan then being a Buddhist, incense is burning every morning! smells just like home! and the best part and Imbolc is almost in the Chinese new year so they are doing a big blessing to the business !!we all are going to ask the Goddess and Buddha for their blessings in to the new year!! So after all we all come from the Goddess!! Just like our song said!!
Now I hear the new owner always talking to the Goddess!!! Hummmm, I wonder if she is asking for help!!!and that is how is going here!! Blessed be , Let the Goddess take care of us.

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