Sunday, January 23, 2011

Windy day!!

Today we are so bless to have a nice windy day, like Winnie the Pooh will say it is a " windsday". The adventures of Winnie the Pooh and " Blustery day" are part of our family, these is one of my kids favorites movies!! So today as I get up to open the door for my dogs to go out and see the wind blowing crazy!! and the first thing on my mind is " blustery day" how nice is to have then.
Part of our elements is the Wind , it comes on our Ritual when we call for him!!!Couple Years ago my friends and I Celebrate the Sabbath Ostara up on the woods , it was a calm day, warm and pleasing , nice to be with mind like woman and the best Magical ones. So we have a meditation walk before the circle Them we start invoking the elements on the right order... it was the time to call the wind!!!Well.. it did show up!! came so strong ,the minute we Call upon the wind! and our hands up!!! welcoming these day and event!it was the most magical thing we ever saw. There was a lake near by, and when the wind blow, a bunch of ducks get up flying and singing their quack ,quack,quack!! we all stop them, to see these beautiful birds flying on top of us, we all laugh , the moment was so present so perfect, we all said that the ducks were waiting for the witches to come ,and to call the wind so they could fly !! .
The circle of a witch is a power moment, sacred , no time exist in there, and at the same ,all stop, slows down!! The magic, the circle is open!! Eyes and spirit are open to receive the energy, to welcome our Gods or Goddess! To start our ritual to do what for so many years has being done ,the spiritual form to connect to a higher self!!.So today the windy morning got my mind going and all different rituals up in my head!! Did my morning yoga ,and witness the parking lot being sweep by sage brush and eucalyptus leafs . the Goddess was so present. I do my rituals any time any were in my mind , my time in a moment in a haft of a second , just a gratitude moment ,to tell the wind Thanks for being here with me!! Thanks for reassure!! Today is a Magical day, And so it is!! have Magical Blustery day!! silly old bear!!


  1. The days get more magical all the time!!! Glad you're back!

  2. Thank you!!! yes one of my followers is on my back!! to keep up!! is good to be a witch!!