Monday, January 17, 2011


There is so much in nature!! that is we take it for granted, the perfect ingredients for a perfect soup is all given by our Mother Earth!! The most amazing thing for me is " Honey" the sweet thing not man made that taste it like heaven!!! Golden color , rich, smooth, and so necessary when we are fighting a cold, a cough , a stomach cramp. And the thing is how " Aphrodisiac" she is. Besides there is no expiration date on our fabulous Honey!.Honey.
I even love to call everybody: Honey. I try the sugar thing but is not the same, sugarcoat it, no is not me.
If we read ancient books she (Honey) has being there for ever as well, bath with honey and Cleopatra .
A few years ago we went to Boston , a friend got to their famous market and bough some " lavender honey" it was sweet scent of lavender, the color has hints of purple, and light , so I ask, how they make Lavender honey? my friend said the bee's are keep Only ,in a lavender field, and that is the only honey they collect. Oh my!!! I though , poor little bees are confine to one flower , as we know the beauty of honey is all the collectivity of flowers in there, produce by a little thing called the Bee!! And lets not even talk about their queen!!!. We wont go there today. So my friends I found a recipe for our " home made" lavender honey: here it is I found it in one of my spell books of course, what else will I read if is not about magic , spells, and witches.
Judika Illes one of my favorites authors. Her book of spells!!

Aphrodisiac Lavender Honey

1- Warm one cup of honey (bain_marie)

2-Add one -quarter cup of fresh lavender blossoms.

3- When honey begins to bubble,take it out.

4-cool the honey!! Honey.

5- Use it!!! Honey!!!

Yes use it on your toast !! yummy is so good . Try it , invite some one for tea , put some on their tea, see how that goes!! You can bake with it, nice on biscuits, just in about any surface will go just fine.Even as a skin butter !! put some as a facial your skin will glow after that.
My husbands is sick all the times ( that what he said),yes he coughs and coughs, and I will ignore him , until he will said " Hon!! Can you please make me some tea!!
And the cough will be gone just like that , I think he just likes either the cough or the honey in his tea, so far every cup of my magical tea is well taken !!!
Honey!!! Go and make yourself some nice cup of tea, maybe is time to read the blossoms of lavender !!! Enjoy it.


  1. You're quite right about using honey when you care for your skin. I grind sugar, and then add the sugar to the honey. Soft skin every time!

  2. Thanks Ms Lilypads!! Yes Honey is so great for our skin.