Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Muse is talking!

Years ago I use to have a big picture at my leaving room of a " muse" she was a reminder to me to do my art. The picture was at work first and them I took it with me at home.Their she was always looking at me as soon I get down the stairs . The plan was every time I will see her, she will remind me of my art! having kids, a home, a job, and all those things the needs time, their was no time for me to do my art. So I start with a class here and there, a day here and there , taking time for my art was the hardest thing I ever did on those days, the guilt to spend an afternoon with my art and putting my husband to take care of the little ones!so I can just sit and paint or sew. That was all I need , one evening once a week. The person who tough me, that I need time for soul and my muse was.... Julia Cameron. I read all her books and there it was ."If I take care of me and my muse"." I will be a better person for my kids". And that's how one day, the muse was change by a Goddess after a few years . I called that evolve of my soul. The Goddess came and she and my muse are now best friends.the guilt's went away !!!, the projects grew more and more, my sewing got better my painting got better~! My little ones paint with me at all the times! The Mama was happy the kids grew happier the man is happy !! Sounds funny but is real. The happier we are the better we are those around us.Today I spend as much time with my art as I can.The kids are artist too, of course. One is looking for a college with an art department! The other one (14) kick me out of the garage so he can do his wood work! And so is the youngest with his cartoons drawings at my kitchen. So is crazy in artist house. Now we all need our space to create. I move up and down, I got sewing machines at all my rooms. One downstairs and two upstairs! Just in case I get kick out of any room for making too much noise.
So back to my story with the book. Miss Julia Cameron was a great pusher for me. Push me back in not forgetting what I am. I'm a artist!!I'm a Goddess ,I'm a Mom !! and that is the most important thing! I call Ashley my oldest(almost 18) and "only" girl". " Little Goddess on training wheals" she likes that and always makes her laugh !.
The doing and doing is what makes an artist! The ritual and ritual is what make the connection with our Goddess!! I like to say is like frequent flier! The more you do it the better miles you get! and better sit at the plane. Every thing is so connected in our universe. The spiritual link is the more we take care of the art in these case our spirituality the better we feel.Julia said in one of her books " When we move toward our own creativity , we move toward our creator( Goddess )..When we seek to become more spiritual , we find ourselves becoming more creative. Our creativity and our spirituality are so closely interconnected they are in effect one and the same thing". I like sometimes to re read her books just parts and bits of it around! . The other day I went to Michael's , artist store , just to get a few things for my jewelry art! And I found a book so cute so well done( forgot the name)but its art was just looking like if it was me who did it, same stone on those bracelets and necklaces. I was just thinking, man it looks like if she was in my house coping my art my jewelry.... well !! I look for who is these artist, there she was ,at the last page of the book , saying how she always like Julia's Cameron books and her idea of pushing the artist . OK I was just dead ,right there. So I know that is all energy , we all connected in some higher space and we created, we are the weavers of our dream, our art. Do you ever have something like that? , a mirror on your face?, some one , just like you in another place ?, in another state ? the Goddess is every where in her energy. I'm sorry I didn't get the name of the artist book , maybe tomorrow I will get it. So in the mean time I will keep re reading Julia's book these time I m reading " finding water" Just in honor of our coming ritual "Imbolc day" . And I even thinking to do her 13 weeks again of art again!! Blessings to all of you.


  1. Great Post! I love Julie Cameron too. Recently I have begun to create again. I used to do many crafts when my kids were young. Over the years I got discouraged because I did so many but didn't feel good at any of them. I love to create through words, but I always secretly longed to create through art as well. I believe you when you say that the GOddess inspires us to create...lately I have been creating like crazy. My new art LOVE is making art dolls. Yesterday I spent the whole day in a second hand store finding treasures to use to make these. And yes, I have been so happy lately. It really is important - vital- for use to create!

  2. Aine yes ! art is so important in any form we do it is like the water for the soul!!on a hot day!Please post your art dolls ,will be nice to see them.Keep doing the doing!