Tuesday, January 11, 2011

something new!!

The year is here and I'm just finally sitting to write. It can get crazy on those holidays .I like to stay home most of the time and enjoy a warm cup of tea. The moments of solitude are so delicious, I enjoy them as much like my tea. Working with people is fun but require lots of energy too, then I come home and recharge my spirit and my body. Is a new year and so many of us do the traditional same thing, getting up, and do the some thing on and on , no changes. But at the same time we ask our Goddess to bring something new,so why not do something different in the morning , just for a little change...

The tradition of Wicca is we start a new year any day, when we found our call for these tradition ,it doesn't matter what day it was , we start from that day , it is our new year , and the tradition will tell us that is a year and a day from the initiation day . I got many years now, they go so fast, I'm happy to be a witch out of the closet. The place is too full with pagans hiding from their family or friends. These new year the energy is about healing!! The planet is healing his wounds, sending rain to clean the air and moist the earth!! . I did a magical walk on new years day with my son Andrei, the air is crisp ,clear, the canyon is such beautiful as ever on winter days . Is fun to walk and see the traces of rain ,rabbits running around , animal prints on the mud. That is all we should do at our planet leave an imprint of us, leave an imprint to others about our energy. A slow walk can open our eyes to something new. I love feathers for their energy source. So I get lots of them on my walks, sometimes the sky just send them to me in front of my eyes, one day i didn't found any on my walk, but as I got home a bird flu by and lost some chuck of his and I almost got on my head those feathers , funny how our Goddess work!! .
Owls feathers bring clarity ,wisdom, and most important an ken eye, so are eagles, hard to find around here but in Canada they are so lucky to have so many flying up there. So when I travel I collect my feathers too. Now every thing holds energy for a while from the source and them is gone, specially with birds ,they fly fly away and move to something new. So is OK for us to move on , the magic of our work travel in so many dimensions and is constantly changing.

The universe change every day!! so we can try something new for these year. My new working element is the water(rain) for now!!. I m an earth element sign person so I tend to stay with that for long time , in my garden , and cooking concoctions about any thing on earth!! So with all these rain we got here in California and believe me , we don't get it the much, so I got a water collector!!! while supply last. My ritual tools are cleanse on these charge water ! and incense is burning around my water to bring the fire element in there as well . Flow dding candles are so nice to have and place on a bucket of water. I got a friend of my who sometimes called me and say ; " Can you please burn your candles for me", and I just love to be outside and sending energy to him or any other of my friends .
With my intentions of love any thing is possible!!!
Practice is all we got in our ritual work , we practice and practice until we got our ritual well establish. New year is a new day any day. So today I may start a new tradition to my practice, candles are burning, and the energy of the Goddess is always here ready to Re-created some art with me!!! have a beautiful day Goddess out there , bring some new magick to you today, Blessed be Andrea.

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