Monday, January 24, 2011

Witches holidays!!

WE witches love our Holidays , most important is to celebrate them. We know that the more we are connected with our Goddess and the Sabbath , the more closeness will be achieve in our spiritual form!! Yes " More witchy powers" we will have. I will call it more "intuitive" that is not giving to every body only when we look for it is given! So Imbolc is just around the corner . These is our Sabbath to say good bye to winter and to welcome our sunny warm weather!!a little bit but still is nice to know the Our Goddess Brighid will warm our planet! Celtic Goddess of fire and fertility , welcome Brighid! . I can't complain about our warm day here , today is about 80 so far sunny , bright and just feels good, but in other parts are full with snow and cold days. Warm blessings to them. So our Imbolc is just around the corner we can go on and on about how to celebrate these day. I like flowers is a day to put flowers in our altars and candles! Goddess of fire , she ,Brighid loves her fire! I got a special banner that of course I made and is just for her! I got different Goddess that I love and she is one of those.Her Red hair! To know that she is awaken the earth!melting the snow ,clearing the days ,making them longer! she is just what we all need on these cold days.And a cup of tea with honey for her at the altar, ok make one for yourself too. So the altar most be just beautiful with wild flowers that she is making them grow just for that day! She is coming !I always like to use my imagination and see her all pretty in a green Celtic dress, with flowers on her hair.So she will stop by my house to bring her new fire and new bright light!. I like to clear every corner in my house! Dust it, and leave my home felling good . And the ritual will have a better place at not just my altar but all around me .And then we will have our cake and eat too! She loves her offerings of course! And is again time bake just for her!! So my Imbolc days are almost here so much to do for witch! Getting my altar all new , digging for my tools of divination! I will tell you some more tomorrow! Until then , Get up and clean up the mess Girl!! The Goddess is coming!!

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