Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Gazing my future!!!

Is the perfect day today to be out, enjoying the warm weather from our mother earth. Is has being so long , to be indoors , drinking hot tea ,or coffee, and now , it is hard to get back inside the house.

The spring is finally here! Little walks around tells me that even the birds are happy. I found feathers every wear, they are changing their coats too, my dogs need a haircut, my dear Goddess, is true, if we don't stop and smell the roses life will just go in a blink .

Creativity is in my head all day long, so many things I want to make , a new magic wand, new curtains for my bath room I love that room is big and has a big skylight on top ,so on full moons I can be inside and just absorb her energy. On these hot days I like to open all my windows and burn my incense and let the air clean up the room.So now I want the window open all the time so I can hear the outdoor fountain , and if I put a new curtain .So that is my job today . Curtains are being hung up , today!! Sewn by me and bless by my Goddess.

Beltane was just so perfect me and my Goddesses and Gods, we collect flowers from my garden roses of every color, sage and ferns . I did my honey and milk mix offering! And burn my candles of course! Blessings to the fertile earth!!

So much we get from her so beautiful gifts we get! food , rain , sun, flowers and on and on! I guess is my earth sign on my Taurus Moon ! That is why I love my outdoors, and when winter is here my spirit is low.And now I'm out and about! from tree trimming to weeds out! I got a new gazing ball at my garden , was a lovely gift from one of my favorites Goddess!! Is so cute, I put it by the Faeries, and it just glows all the time, Thank you Goddess Karen for these beautiful gift!

I never have one of these, so now i have to see where is the perfect place for my "witch ball" I have to out and play some more , i guess! Play, play with dirt!! until we meet again .....I'm in the garden , trying some new spells !!!

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