Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Mami!!

Is Mothers day !! Is the Goddess day! Every day it should be a day like these. Today we talk with the kids grandma,( mother of my man) she is getting old, two broken hips ,and she is still talking about" One day I will be better". It changes your day, you are healthy young, with still young kids that make paper flowers for us!! These is the day I want to stop the time.

That is so hard on anyone!! a Mom in a hospital! have a broken bone, sometimes when my honey is cranky I have to remember what he is going threw. And when he says to the kids " call your grandma!! And the kids don't know what to say . I tell them just talk to her and you will be fine. At that age you will not remember what you talk with someone , but they know that you called them and that is all they need.

I got my Mom far away , but she is healthy, getting her years gracefully , but in good shape! These her with me last Dec , when I visit her, she so cute in her little kitchen. All things at her home are little!!
I'm happy that she is so careful with herself , even sometimes she tells me she still rides her bike!!!! she is 75 years old,and really blind , dear Goddess I close my eyes to think about it. But she is happy, she got my dad, and 6 crazy dogs that keep her so busy all day long. Maybe that is the key in life, don't think about yourself too much, don't take yourself to serious, that is the thing with my Mami, she never thinks about her own.
My parents live out in the country side, they got land to plant some little things, they are organic,conserve energy, got a water well , so they don't use the city water. My husband say my dad is cheap, ok yes, but with a concern for his wallet and the planet.
They move to the country a few years ago, they got tired for the loud people big towns! so they went back where they meet , fifty some years ago! that sound so sweet, but is hard for then , take a city bus to go grocery shopping, a Dr appointment, they don't visit anyone, not even my brother! They are just getting old and cranky too.My brother visits them , my Mom said " oh he never comes here" or " they come in a bad time" Like if she got a full agenda. When my kids come to see me , and I will be a pretty old lady! Every day is a the perfect day, and will thank the Goddess that they come to see me! And just like my Mom I will have lots of dogs , a garden and plant lots of fruits and vegetables!
But I think the best Mom is Joe's Mom! his mom has a garden club!!( they don't talk about their garden) every week they get together and drink Margaritas and laugh and have a good time! Yeah!!! that i will do too!!
So in honor of all good Mom's today !! I burn candles, send healing love for those in hospitals !! And bless those good son's and daughter that take time to go and visit them, a hug a card a call!! give some to the Goddess of all the time!!! Our Mom !!! Happy Mothers day to all of us!!! Blessings to you too. Hugs Andrea.


  1. Your mom looks sooooo sweet! Goddess bless her. Happy Mother's day! Hope you had a wonderful day with your mom. :)

  2. thank you Kim! she is !! and a little blind! sweest mom ever!