Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A vistor today!

I'm a witchy woman every day !! some more than others. Today was high !! And sow as yesterday, blame it on the full moon, my garden , my altar, my PMS. is all part of the Goddess will. I love to take time for walks, meditation time, ritual time, is all about time!!I got so much time today , so I went to one of my favorite witches stores , is just a neighborhood book store! yes pagan! . I don't buy much for magic , my magic is all nature, grown in my garden ,or find it some where somehow . Magic is just nature , we can find it any where, if we just open our eyes.
Any way, I was looking for a gift for a friend. And you know we love to check out books, and books, well I think I'm book out, for now, And so I look for something to heal my friend spirit! something good and small, like a crystal, or a stone of some kind! I called my guardians!! to give me, what my friend needs. So here it was, the perfect little dish ,to burn resins !! Simple and a little form of cauldron! so he can always have a safe thing to burn things. So got these little dish with the cover and got Moons and stars on it, got the charcoal disc, and some resins.All I have to do is teach him how to use !!! Can wait to give it to him.
So I have to get something for me too, for being such a good little witch! Doing my homework and home spells just right. I sow a jar! Black dust in it,I ask what was in there, the new sales person said," Oh is a resin too". I didn't know for what , but I said I need that, funny thing! these resin name was " Black magic" Love that name, so mysterious! I got my bag paid and went to lunch , later when I got back to my car, it smells like sooooo good! It was my "black magic", these resin is just a mix of Frankincense, and some charcoal to make it black, don't know what company makes these, no name! even better .
So now I got these idea, I can just keep a bag of my magic in my car,it will smell so good any time! Witch's powers , just flowing in there. So got home open my little bag with the things and I said I'm going to burn my " black magic" , today is still raining, I hope it last!!So put my own things at my Altar , and try my new resin, I was tired and crampy from my PMS , so decide to take a little nap and let the magic flow in home. Mom and dogs went up stairs, just when I got in my bed , I hear the front door with a key. Ashley just told me that she went to the mall and will be home soon, so I though she was back, I hear the key and door open, dogs jump out and bark,I called " Ashley are you back, Ashleyyy", no answer ... I wait, dogs got back with me, just them I was out ! nobody was there, but the dogs where wagging their tales ! So I took a nap. Was a good nap, no more pains in my body, I feel so fresh and with a good healing Aura!!!I woke up after 30 minutes or so,I went down stairs , my home smells so sweet from these Resin!! good vibes!! I will call it!.
Ashley got back after two hours after all that, I think the ones at my door where it was just my spirits companions or the faeries the like to play on rainy days , taking care of me, so I can re-charge my energy! I m thankful of these little blessings that remind me! I'm a witch and our power is bigger that what we think!And we know how to take care of ourselves and others .

Blessings to all my little witches out there!!

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  1. The "black magic" sounds like it smells divine. I don't buy things for casting spells or magic either. I use my mind and power of intention or just a few herbs and a beeswax candle. That's it. But it must be so nice to have a garden like you do.

    Enjoyed the post!