Sunday, May 29, 2011

The other woman!

Today we drove to LA to see my kids Grandmother, she is an hospital , a second broken hip! Sad but is a reality.She is the same age as my Mom , but the difference in minds are huge, remember my Mami rides a bike around her little town. My Mom is a happy person and that keeps her going!! My husband mom and I never got to be good friends. Long years of her! trying to show SHE was better them me, and I not in the mood to try to win someones heart. She is a different kind of woman then me, so we both are from tow different worlds and country's. I work all my life, she never did work on her life!.Today nothing matters any more, she is in a bed and still her same hard attitude to life. I told my kids " Listen you will never will see me that way!! I know witches herbs and I will take what I need and have a happy dream to another land" We all laugh about my joke. I have seeing these woman biting her own life to these point, she is down and still not a happy person.

Is a long , long story and kind of funny, I will make it short, so here it is, Ok we know that part of didn't like and that bla bla, for many years I will just "Deal" with her because she is my Honeys mother and we will get in so many fights because of her. Wish one you will like to hear!! Ok the last one ...
It was two years ago, I always carry things to do when we will go up there to visit her, I decided to take my portable sewing machine!! remember is a 3 hrs drive to LA in good traffic or a can be lots more, 4 or five!!! and kids screaming on the back sit . So I got there, she already has her broken first hip!! And was at her home with her leaving caretaker lady. We got there eat lunch , we order it in, kids ate , we clean up, and so I put my sewing machine on the table, not at the fancy table, the kitchen table, well she told me to take it of!! I was planning to make her some pajamas or comfy pull up pants, something easy for her, she said that day lots of things," My son makes lots of money so you don't have to sew' My table will be ruin from your sewing machine, and finally she said " I was a lousy person.I cry did cry !! she hurt me and yell at me in front of my kids!! I told her I was leaving and never coming back; she scream again some more threw a chair at us!! And my husband face was down, he try to talk to her and calm her down , but she was not good to hear a thing. So I left!! It has being two years , my husband said she was on meds!! Hell of evil meds I think, no she is a "B' person.
So I agree to go and see her because she keeps asking for me. And my man is sad to see all these mess of 20 years not getting better.
So I made her some pajamas and give it to her! She is old and and in a hospital bed, not looking good, but she will live for ever!!! I know,she is going for a looong ruuunnnn!! Not a pretty one! we plant what we want! Love, happiness, and a good life, money is not what can makes happy, or social status, all that goes down the toilet, there is no friends to see you at a hospital bed !! If we don't love others nobody will give us us first!!
I hate to fight with my honey is his mother , so just again" deal " with that. Nothing more to said.My own Mon always tells me to be patient, she know all these thing going for so long, the many tears, hurt words. But these is her fight with herself , not with me! The day is done, my good maybe will heal her! or not. I will see her again in a couple of month, just a talk about kids, a hugs , a smile and a good bye grandma! I'm home happy and ! And enjoying my day and my family!! Happy to be me! Blessed be.


  1. I'm sorry you have these issues with your mother in law. She sounds like a very negative, mean-spirited person. It's difficult being around that type of energy.

    Just know that you are the bigger person, and don't let her toxic attitude drag you down.

    Hang in there you strong goddessy, witchy woman! :)


  2. What can we say about mother in laws? Ugh!

    Thank you so much for the visit and follow. It is such a pleasure to meet you and find your lovely blog. Good luck in the giveaway!