Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Ritual a poem!

I got inspire today and wrote a poem! just come out of my mind! feeling the Goddess words! I use to write poems for my kids when they where little, poems of my garden and today it got back on me... I guess is always there, just sleeping in... I hope you like my poem , please tell me what you think? Did these speaks to you in any form?Comments welcome...


The ritual is perform by ourselves,
they are part of us of the woman,
the spiritual form that reside in our body!
who is to tell what is wright or wrong.
The spirit leads the way and we just follow.
Is the secret call that comes to us in wispier at soft song by wind,
a faerie feather falling ,
a rose that falls right at midnight in front of you eyes! .
Rituals are our unspoken words,
we just move in silence ,
send our words to our Goddess !
she knows what we are saying,
she know our pains, she knows ours sadness ,
our happy moments,our inner light.
the way we walk is just our walk,
nobody is walking our world, who is to say what is wright or wrong!
The Ritual is me! I'm awake my eyes can see.

The Goddess have a path for all of us , when we choose her, we are holding her hand, like when we where little kids our Mom will tell us where we were going. Today we got our own path, the one we trace , the ritual we direct, the spirit is with us.

I bless the Goddess every day ! And every day I listen for some thing that she maybe telling me. Sometimes I don't like to hear it, but sometimes she is so right on my world. I like to keep my energy flowing and to be present at all times. I m leaving my dream, we all are. If we choose to. My rituals are part of me, of my practice , if we don't practice , we will never learn some more. There is so much to re- learn, things that I did knew , but I forget all about. But for me what is important is to stay connected to my spiritual path.Practice makes a master! Well I'm no master but I do my doing every day.The rituals in my life are so special!!! I hope you do your ritual daily too!!! Blessings ...Andrea.


  1. Andrea..this is wonderful! Once a writer, always a writer. I don't believe that is something you can ever lose. Nice job...

    Keep writing!

    Hugs to you XX

  2. thanks Kim!! you are the best!!Blessings back at you!