Friday, May 13, 2011

A wolf !!

I had a dream a few nights ago! it stays with me all day long, in my dream Abby my little white dog is being attack, by a Grey wolf!. I see these big wolf dragging Abby by her tail, and she is looking at me. I go and take Abby out of his mouth and them I get to hit the wolf with a rock, I hit the wolf on and on, until he was just plaster on the ground . As I hit the wolf I talked to Abby and I said" Abby you know is so hard to hit with a rock in a dream, these rock is so heavy".... Well i woke up and Miss Abby was just next to me ,looking at me. I said to her "do you remember the dream!!! And she wink at me !!I bet she new what I was talking about.

So I ask a few of my friends what they thing of these dream, one say( a Dr ) Andrea, these is just simple, you are fighting the wolfs, these means people ,around you. So I ask another one ( a Shaman) he said " It doesn't matter the dream! The important part is that YOU kill that wolf. You took care of you and Abby, and that is all that it is in these dream , you and Abby are you, one, and you took care of the wolf with your own hands!!!" ,now I do like that . Yes I like to take care of myself, spiritual talking! we have to be the ones!! The one that knows the protective circle, the secret that is given to us is to take care of the treasure!! Us the why , we are here? the whys in life always will be answer . Don't matter how long will take, it all will be resolve at the end.

A few years ago , we have a family vacation in Canada, we went from , Banffs to Lake Louise , them to Lake jasper. All the trip was so beautiful and enchanted, I did my homework so well, I did my ritual every where I could, took nice walks to talk to my friend "The Goddess" .
One day early morning at Lake Jasper I went for my walk, got some feathers,leaves, took some pictures, and admire all the beauty!! Breath taken!!. Then I see these " Coyote" and you know me, in my canyon we coyotes all over, so was not my first time with one of those in front of me. Well these guy was kind of talking to me> I spoke to the Goddess . Are you sending me a messenger I ask!. The fellow , keeps getting closer! So talk to him, I said : Hey you look good well feed, nice coat of hair!!In San Diego there hair is not so beautiful , I guess is lots of rabbits here and the tails so nice and full!.
So I try to get closer to him, to take more pictures, but so he talk back once again and run away. Oh that is sad ,my messenger left . So I get back to our Hotel tell all my kids about these magical thing, my husband not a magical man ! Said .."so tell me again the story?".So go and tell him all about it, and me talking to him and the coyote talking back , so he ask to see my camera! Well Honey he said that was a WOLF !!!! My hair went up! The was the last day I went by myself to a long woods walk!And.... These little witch not even has a red hood !

So I thing there is thing about those wolfs ! now he is back on my dreams, but I won the fight and got my little dog too!! So there your got it.... Please any ideas what is with the wolfs and me? Willing to hear your comments or do you ever have a wolf encounter?...


  1. Hey Andrea,
    According to my Illustrated Dream Dictionary, it says about Wolves..are bad omens. Hunt one and danger is just around the corner. See yourself being chased by one and it's a sign of you're over anxious about something. But kill one and a small success is in the cards.
    Hope your dreams are all good ones.

  2. Thanks Paulette!! Im glad is one less in my dreams!! So far no more crazy dreams.And thanks for checking on your book! Andrea.