Saturday, April 2, 2011

Pionner woman

I'm so crazy in love with my newest book .I m reading " Pioneer woman" From black heels to tractor weals !!!. Is just cute, romantic, sweet! All day at work I m thinking ," can't wait to finish my day to get in Pajamas a read all night long. The adventure is about these chic she is so chic ! that is taking by the hands of love, to become a wife at a ranch!. I just fall in love with her story . I hope you" ll read these book. A friend of mine ( again remember my book publisher chic_) she give it to me long long time ago, I said I will read it one day! I start to read it last week, in between clients , I Will go and read a few pages!and laugh and go and tell some one at home too about these cute couple in the book .She has a blog of course,that is how she start all these going adventure, her blog is so way ahead , like right now her married life. Her book is 15 years ago back when she is dating " Marlboro man". Oh she is so darling !! I have being telling all my clients " Oh my gosh , these book is so cute, you have to read it" . My clients are my beat friends as well , some have being reading my blog and we talk all the time about the " why" I blog .And I will tell them " I blog just because I like to talk all the time, I never stop. Don't you know by now" . Yes life is beautiful and all of us see it so different.
Today , just to mention one case, I had a new client , refer by a friend. Well these lady is telling me how much she loves to make money and work all day until she crash's every day ! , bla bla bla. Them she ask me " what about you ? I said " I just love my life and my family. I want to get up and be happy, work, is a fun thing for me, a creative part in my life ,not a money machine and I like my evenings with family and dinners and candles and books.And TV with my man. WEELLLLL that will stop any conversation with a workaholic !!! So here I said to her" is some wine and chill girl!!! .
Is just me , I love to do my work but I do love my free time, Amen to that !!! I lost a good friend of mine five years ago, she was my mentor in my craft ! She did so much for me, she did so much for every body, before she went to her journey in to her next life.She give me a new assignment, she did , to keep the Goddess alive. I learn a lot from my friend , one thing for sure is " make time for friends" She always make time for all her friends , dinners, lunches , time to talk, time to just sit and do a ritual , cards . She told me " never get so busy in your own head head". I see it ! I see people saying that they are so Busy !! and why ? I ask them why do you think? you are so busy , again , yes is all in our mind. Bad bad ! just think " I have time" I do make time for little things in life. fun things . Any way , back to my first thing on my blog " The pioneer woman and there is where I make time time to read and talk about fun things , these is what she said on her blog .......'I'm the wife of a rugged cowboy. I'm the mother of four spirited children. I have horse poop on my porch. I'm Ree Drummond, also known as The Pioneer Woman. You can read more about my adventures, my cooking, and my photography on my crazy website,
So what these book has to do with magick, absolutely nothing !!!But is just funny and cute, and will take you to the ranch, I'm on my way to my bedroom to check out her hansom " Marlboro man" > Good nite <

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  1. That book does sound like a good read. I love reading about other people's stories, not to mention I'm the biggest book worm too!

    I hope you enjoy your read and your time with your own Marlboro man! :)