Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Chicken

Today is Monday, marvelous Monday! is my day off , but here at home is my big day on... cleaning and doing all the laundry for my family. finish reading my book" Pioneer woman" the book is so cute in so many levels reminds me of, in a new land no Mommy to help me, just me and my man, by our self's . The life of so many around the same story.
Is quite simple we think ,at the beginning of the journey ,but them we found out the sweet surprise in life " there is nothing easy" . Get up, get to do, cook, clean up, take care of the baby, cook again, cleanup ,never ending story I will call it.
but all take s care of itself , kids are doing just fine, no big head injury's even if we droop them a few times , or they keep hitting their head on every chair!!.
So today I m doing my favorite spells , cutting herbs from my garden and cooking them,today I got the kitchen full of cookware, and hand fulls of the herbs in my kitchen counter, thyme, rosemary, sage, cilantro, and mint, I'm making my "Spring chicken" I call it the way just for herbs I use, They are from my garden and is spring . I love to get busy at my kitchen the smell in my home, see my kids going crazy when all those meals are on the table.

Is good to be a kitchen witch , from time to time, spells are cooking at the moment .I always got something cooking any way, metaphor in life, spells cook slow at my altars, cooking at the sun, cooking them in my art, cooking then in myself. The much to do in my life it never ends . I m planning to sit and sew today, It doesn't look good it all, is Magnificent Monday and my kids are on there spring break, so not time to sit and sew. So I cook, I take care of their needs, they will only have a week off, we fight for the computer , even if we got like five around here, they all tent to like my old PC, these one that I use for my blog, and I love it , simple because I got all my pictures in it. Yes they all are home, these is the big year for all of us, Ashley will be in college on the fall, leaving her home sweet home, Alex will go to high school, and my baby, my little one, Mama's boy will be going to middle school, Oh boy I'm not ready for my kids to grow up that fast.

Life it goes fast, someone should told me that, well I think my Mom did. But I don't listen when I was young and one of those " I know it all" . but not today , these years I talk less and listen more to my Mom and older friends . I'm still learning, every day is always something new !
The "Spring chicken" is almost ready, got black beans cooking too, rice, of course , no Latina chic, can leave without rice and achiote!!! And my kids favorite, lemonade , fresh lemonade to sip and these hot beautiful days. Today I will dry some of my herbs , the sage is in full bloom, so is the lavender, I love those purple flowers at my kitchen and at my Altars !!! They bring a happy note of " spring is here" That means more spring cleaning to do. The sunny afternoons is what I like to wait for! and sit and forget about what it needs to be done, I need to make so many things at my sewing machine, I like to make pillows cases and put my kids name on then, or the dogs names. Altar cloth with my Goddesses on them, I have big blanket from sister That I need to fix for her! I got a big Honey do for myself .In the time today is so far going well, I still have things to do at my garden, I guess it will be done , tomorrow.


  1. It is so busy with little ones and a job as well! It's really refreshing to hear you talk about it so joyously!

  2. Oh gosh, this chicken looks delicious!!!

  3. chicken didn't last very long!!!specially when , my kids friends are here!!