Saturday, April 16, 2011

Goddess of wine!

The sun is shinning, the birds are singing , my dogs are happy, I'm outside pulling weeds. There, we are me and my Andrei, playing the game " what the faeries are thinking?. We like to make stories as we go. And Romeo my little faerie four leg boy! is there too!! Sniff, sniff , I trim the Rosemary bush into a ball , looks like an Afro, I like that. Romeo got weeds all over him, and he just got a bath, funny dog! I min the mood for earth, space cleaning and cleansing! Play with crystals, play with dirt, plant something here ,something there. Get out some old plants that are not looking good. I don't use artificial products at my garden ,but it grows like crazy, I use my kitchen things, all greens go to the garden compost pile, coffee , eggs shells, veggies cuttings, lemon peels ,seeds of any thing. All grows with love. And love makes things just bloom!
Tomorrow I m going to up some mountains, an hour from here, we are going to the wine country! One of favorite things, besides, candles, chocolates, lotions and potions!! Is wine, so we are having these warm weekend! take it ! use it, before is gone!!!!! And May grey will come, I love the wine areas , they plant pretty gardens ! I'm a Taurus so there is my passion for pretty little flowers and gardens. Every year I go up there ! To cerebrate always something, Tomorrow is just for the week before my B-day!. So is always something good to celebrate .
I will have good food, walk to all those cute gift shops, and come back a little broke , but a little of wine makes all things right!
I hope these warm days will stay , is so good to just sit outside and enjoy the breeze and see the birds singing , life is good. So I will tell more about Tomorrow!!!!....until them... Andrea.Going back outside.


  1. It sounds like you are going to have a wonderful day. The wine country sounds beautiful. Even though i'm not much of a drinker, it would still be nice to be out in nature amongst all the vines!


  2. Oh wow, it sounds like you will have an amazing day!!! And if you get a chance, pop back over--I'm having a giveaway each day--it just started!

  3. Thank you girl!!!
    Cindy I hope to win!!