Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mercury !! God of the Sun!

Goddess !! Is Mercury retrograde Again!!! I blame the weather! the clouds , the wind, my PMS, my kids my Man, and all that ! to find out the is our lovely planet at the highest pick!!! So I want to ask, did you feel things around you ? that where not normal? Crazy people acting crazier!!! Or was your energy down for the last two weeks?. One day at work I even feel like I ,could close my eyes and just fall asleep ! just like that!my client said she feel it too, so ask co workers, we all experience that definitely the energy was lowwww and slowww!!! the day was busy but we fell like the clocks where playing a trick on us, I got home the day and went to bed at 7pm , get up at 9pm , something I never do!.
So it has being crazy , indeed so I did a little be of re search !! Thanks to Google, now we know the : when and what ? and when is over is the best part! Now here is the Good part of the retrograde!! Yes their is a good side in all these! , Spring cleaning gets done better!! since we can care about much ! every thing gets thrown out the window!!! GOOOOODDD! things That we hold for so long, don't mean a thing any more! out of my house. And that is what Mercury does! Gives us the prickly feeling! so we can get out of our comfort zone and get things done. The house is clean ! No weeds around my house! Hell no corner wipe by hand! And still is time to do more even with out coffee ! Did I hear you sister ! Yes no dust under my toes .
So here are the days of his influential!!! God the Sun and his planet Mercury
2011 Mercury Retrograde Dates:

Mer R Mar 30 2011 12:48 24°Ar21' R
Mer D Apr 23 2011 02:05 12°Ar54' D

Mer R Aug 2 2011 19:51 01°Vi12' R
Mer D Aug 26 2011 14:04 18°Le42' D

Mer R Nov 23 2011 23:20 20°Sg06' R
Mer D Dec 13 2011 17:43 03°Sg52' D

So as you can see lucky me my B-day is on those days! So keep my self-steam and loving sun energy to myself ! I'm not working tomorrow! just in case Mercury is out of control!! And I m going to get a two hour massage at the competition place ! They don't know me there! And I don't want my co worker masseuse guy to see me naked !!! He may like that! yoga is good! but I need to get a deep tissue help sometimes!

In the time until Mercury gets out my way! I will just hanging loose ! And here is a note to the smart Witches , Goddesses, out there !! be careful just don't sign any papers , don't sell your house. And please , please!! Don't get marry on a retrograde , you probably won't even remember... what in the world!!!! Until we meet again!....

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