Friday, April 29, 2011

Blessings !

I'm in chock , what is wrong with TV networks, they just start "Camelot" my favorite show, and the new show was an old one, come on. We need new material every week. My Merlin is so mysterious man , I can't wait every week for the show, and they are doing re-runs .
That is just me and my " witches" side effect , I need medieval' s shows so I can see, what is was in the old days!, The druids, their teaching, the craft , the magic... Oh dear Goddess ! We dream of a place where all man kind has a power for their highest good, where the magic is well use. Herbs grow in every garden. A witch has honor.Yes that is what went wrong in history , the respect. I'm reading one of my historical books , about Salem Ma. Woman where kill just because, man fear their power, what is wrong in that picture? a lot. I always tough that if I was a living on those days , they will never find me , because I will be gone before they come, well is not that easy when we got family, and that is why ! Most woman didn't run away! They took their fate and let every thing take their course, for their family.

So sad to read all those things that mark a part in history, not history it was Hysteria !! People goes crazy about any thing. Another book that I read " Green witch" a kids book by Alice Hoffman , one of my all times favorite writers ! . Green is such good girl and that pain she sees in all these manic " religious people" makes her to write and write on her body! well their goes some pain in form of a tattoo . Spells that is what some of us write in our book our body our heart inside or out. Spells of blessings to our family's, happy life, good health,gardening, cooking spells, bath spells. And at the end is all about Family! Yes that is the sad part , those woman where just simple mind woman, taking care of their kids home, farm ,animals, all those shores they could give to some one else. They where not high society , if you where high end chic, you wouldn't be consider a witch! According to my book" Devil in the shape of a woman" Only low class people where witches! How is that , well I got news for them, witches are in every group and at every social life's style thanks Goddess for that. So lets keep putting our spells out there , that never ever these event should ever happen. Protection spells are my kind of thing, I put them every where I can, on home , my kids , my parents, My man, myself!!Blessing for all my witches friends out there on these world, blessings !! . On my B-day a friend give me these blessing and today I m giving it to all of you.... "May all your spells come true"

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