Wednesday, April 6, 2011


"Little Goddess on training wheals" is going to college!! . Yesterday we spend all day at her future campus! In Long Beach!! She will be going there these fall, so the plan was for us to check the housing. The proud Dad , Ashley and I , get up and took the two hours drive from home. IS not far , of course depending on traffic. We did a few tours at the girls dorms , we like the very first one we saw, it has a coffee shop in the main entrance ,a big living room for their social life!! Well these little one is so social that she meet another girl at the tour, by the end of the day when we where back at home, she told us that they will be roommates at college , and they talk about their all future plan on Facebook. She is so cute and social , Ohhhh!!, they grow so fast don't they.
I worry about one of our dogs "Abby" she and Ashley are always together !! We call them " little girls" both are little and they so attach to each other!! I told Abby her and I will cry together next year, and will take long walks to help our self's! Funny how kids and dogs just grow. Not puppies any more.

Today is "Midnight meatloaf" is made as we speak will be done by midnight got four pounds of ground meet!! add my secret spices, yeah right ! ketchup, barbecue sauce, mesquite, a bunch of cilantro to give that Latin kick!!! put it all in a crock pot and will cook in their own juice ,so tomorrow I can just play!
Ashley is gone to Disneyland with our next door friends , for a couple of days , another b-day party!! Our next door is turning 18! all of them will be 18!!! pretty soon. I never have one of those kind of two day b-day party in a Disney resort! lucky kids! Back at my country all it was a happy b-day song and a piece of cake and a " valla con Dios " good bye!! " God may be with you, and hit the road .

So Im home with the boys . We will go and get some fun out in down town! . These days are gray " May gray " is call here, even if is not may yet! not sunny , just misty, witchy! perfect for a day at home with a book and a candle spell.

I was waiting for weeks for these new TV show on Starz is call " Camelot" Oh my Goddess is so cute!And is finally h.ere I'm so far at the second show, so far they only have shown two. Is just like the book, the mist of Avalon, and the scenery will take you to Camelot!!! I'm getting my man hook on the show too. Just watch you will know why?. I told my friend Joe about it he said: I bet there is a witch in the show" Well !!! he know me too well for the last 15 years that we work together... if their is a witch I will be there. So go and find it is on " Demand". You will be just like , waiting for the next one!!!
Until we meet again.

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  1. Camelot looks awesome! I had wanted to see that, but I'm probably the only person in this country without cable. I like it that way, though. :) I'm sure it will be out on DVD.

    You're meat loaf sounds delicious! :)