Tuesday, October 26, 2010


They are here!! today early morning while I was asleep still,I could hear my husband calling one of the kids from top of the stairs ! "Andrei, Andrei" Man he was loud! I though he forget that he had and early computer class.But is was Tuesday not Wednesday 's.So I was awake now, and not that ready to start the day, it all.So I ask him" why are you calling him so early? He answer :"The TV is on downstairs,he probably left it on all night", I said ;" no he didn't ,I went to the kitchen at the witching hour for some warm milk and check on things and every thing was off" ,"them I don't know" . Of course I know" we got visitors!!!! I have being waiting, and you know my food around the altar and outside the house to keep welcoming all my ancestors!!
But last night was different, I could hear the wind blowing, so check for windows open, nothing .I could swear i hear someone washing there hands upstairs.So went to check if some one was up.Never mind I tough is my imagination and all my Halloween spirit going on.So I went to bed! I took me long to fall asleep ,it just to much going on.So today I got my answer! Remember my pumpkin pie!! well it was Grandpa's favorite! And how I could forgot all about it and not left him a piece at the altar, how rude of me. It was him, I was at my yoga class today and could smell him around, his smile around his energy still around us, I bet he even went to school to see the kids!. He was the best Grandpa in the world!. He is happy now I gave him his pie.Enjoy it Grandpa!But please don't mess up with the TV . Make my husband crazy! Poor honey he said " I thing we have little people TV" That is good for him! Blessed be all around me!!!Andrea.

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